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Two Things

1.) Officials actually caught the bank robber that threatened my tiny town in Tennessee last week. He walked into a bank, much like he did here, and threatened them with a bomb. Fortunately, the cops caught him this time. This is at least the third bank he has robbed. I am so glad he was caught.

I just love it when the good guys win.

2.) I took Prom pictures of my siblings last weekend. I had all these plans of amazing, artistic shots outside, but the wind was blowing at 50 miles per hour and they all refused to go outside. I still got the ideas swirling around in my head though and plan on making Ashley dress up again when the weather is better.

This is just a small selection of the pictures I took:




I’m forcing myself to be productive this week. I’ve got tests to take and terms papers to write, but I see the end of the semester looming. I can’t wait.

Now, two questions for my readers:

1.) Did you go to Senior prom?
2.) What did your dress (or tux) look like?

This is what I looked like at my Senior Prom:
And yes, the crown means that I was PROM QUEEN.

I hope you all have a fabulous day.



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He makes me ovaries sing…

On Friday, I complained about Jamey and how she could totally wear me out. I swore that it would be years until I had babies of my own. Kids are exhausting and I love to sleep.


Well, Samuel did it to me again. He made my ovaries sing with his little sweetness this weekend.


I can’t help it though. Who could resist a face like this?!

In the last couple of weeks, he is really starting to blossom. Sam is really starting to get his own little personality. He’s a little chunk too.
And everyone knows that chubby babies are the absolute best.


One of my readers, Rachel, asked the other day how one knows they are ready for children. Do you have children? If so, Rachel and I, would love to know how you knew that it was time to reproduce? Does it just hit you one day?


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This weeks theme over at i heart faces is “Dramatic B&W.” I really flipped-floped on what picture to submit this week. I had several that I really love, but I finally settled on this one.

Here baby Colton meets his Great-Grandmother for the first time. I just love the different textures and the contrast between her wrinkles and his brand-new skin.


Speaking of drama, I feel like I could be on a reality television show this week. Who decided that it would be smart to start a new business while finishing and planning a wedding? Oh yeah, that was me!

The photography business is exploding. Almost too much. I have too many requests to fit into my already packed schedule. I can’t really complain though. I feel so very blessed that people are willing to pay me to do what I love so much.

Don’t even get me started on school. I would give my right foot to someone right now if they would write me a ten-page paper on Karl Marx’s economic theories… Did I mention that the longer I study Political Science the more I hate politics? My major is killing my love of government!

Anyway, forgive me. I promise to be happy and positive tomorrow. Head on over to i heart faces to see other amazing entries!


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Take a little ride around the farm with us…

Would you like to join us for a little ride this evening? I promise, we are both unusually nice. Climb on in. You might have to shove some of Colby’s stuff around, but there is plenty of room in the backseat.


One of my favorite things about farming is the fact that it provides me with ample photography opportunities. Tonight, we are just enjoying the sunset and nice weather.


These sprinklers drive me crazy during the summertime. The have a habit of breaking down and demanding Colby’s attention when I have other plans. Of course, they are an essential part of farming. There is no way we could raise corn in our climate without irrigation.


And they do look so pretty against the sunset, don’t they?


The winter wheat is really starting to grow. Right now, it’s the only green thing around, but before long, it will really look like Spring. We’ve had tons of snow this winter and are really excited about the beautiful Spring that beckons at us.


Winter wheat amazes me. Somehow, it survives the intense cold all winter and then flourishes when Spring finally arrives. It’s bizarre and so very cool.


Colby is cool too… He works so hard and truly love what he does. Right now, he’s feeling a little crazy and really wishes that he could get something done. See, when the ground is too wet, it’s impossible to get everything plowed up and ready to plant. He’s feeling a little restless right now.


Join us for another ride soon… I promise that we will keep you updated on how things are going on around the farm.


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My thoughts on Sin City

I would consider myself an expert on Las Vegas at this point. I mean, I have gone there twice this year. That’s pretty impressive right?!


Don’t worry. I totally don’t have a gambling problem. I’m not even a big gambler. I’m tight with my money, yo. I’m the girl that bets the minimum amount and gets up and leaves if I lose $30. I’m never going to be a big winner.

And that’s perfectly alright with me.

Of course, I’m never going to win big on the lottery if I don’t buy a ticket. I should probably start working on that.


Anyway, I figured that I should probably share some of my infinite wisdom about Vegas for the enjoyment of my readers.

  1. Don’t just gamble. Spend time visiting the exhibits and see the sights. Obviously, gambling can be very expensive if you play for an extended amount of time. Duh. Isn’t my infinite wisdom amazing?
  2. If you gamble- get a players card. The casinos track your play and will give you free things. On the last day of your trip, talk to the people at the front desk. If you played a significant amount, they may give you complementary rooms. Win or lose, they want you to come back to Vegas. Take advantage of that.
  3. Skip the buffets. They are super easy, but the other restaurants are much nicer and the food is generally better.
  4. Don’t wear your cowboy boots when you go walking. Stick to reasonable, comfortable shoes. Everything on the strip is much further away then it looks.
  5. Expect to see some very weird stuff in Vegas. When we were there in January, we actually saw five nuns walking down the strip. I have no idea what they were doing in Sin City, but there were there.
  6. Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… except for Herpes. (I love The Hangover.)


I think that’s really all the Vegas advice I have right now… Have you been? If so, feel free to leave some advice in the comments section. I always like comments!

As always, thanks for visiting!


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J & J

Jamey spent last night and all day with us.

I’m exhausted. Jamey is a wild kid. She’s going through a terrible stage right now where she thinks she knows everything and wouldn’t listen to anything I said.

Yes, she’s seven… Not thirteen. My parents totally have their work cut out for them.

Anyway, I’m exhausted. I told my mom that every day I watch Jamey or Sam is one more year until she has more grandchildren. I just don’t think I’m ready to be a mother at this point. I just like my sleep (and adult television) too much.

(Please forgive the terrible picture. It expresses how I feel today.)


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Blue Skies Photography

I came up with a name for my photography business- Blue Skies Photography!

Lately, I’ve been working on marketing and such on my facebook fan page. I’ve done several sessions for free lately, trying to build a portfolio and get my name out. Everything seems to be coming together.

Yesterday, I downloaded some amazing actions from MCP Actions. The Finish It set makes it so easy to prepare images for the web.





Last week, I dealt with the problem of a girl taking all the pictures that I had posted on my page of her kids and uploading them to her facebook, without giving me any credit… I found it very annoying because I had done here session for free, so she could help get my name out. From now on, I will only be posting pictures to facebook that have my logo somewhere on them.

Plus, I really like how it makes them look professional.

Do you like my name? I put lots of time into figuring out exactly what to call myself.


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