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The big day is tomorrow. My wedding. The day I’ve dreamed and prayed about for months. The day we will official be a pair- legally bound together and all.

I can’t believe it’s finally here. Where does the time go? I mean, really- our eleven month engagement seemed to drag by, but then it was suddenly flying and I could barely catch my breath.

Everything is ready. Dresses are steamed. My grandmother made a beautiful cake. The reception area is decorated perfect. The church is clean. Gifts have been given out. Everyone knows the plan (I hope).

Tomorrow probably won’t go exactly the way I think, but I know that it will be an amazing day that I will remember for the rest of my life.

I will post pictures as soon as possible. There will be a ton, but I’ll get them all up here at some point. Say a little prayer for me, friends.

Enjoy these pictures from the last several days:





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In the beginning…

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was very, very nervous. It was Thanksgiving Break 2008 and an old friend from high school had convinced her to go on a blind, double date with the friend’s boyfriend’s good buddy.

She didn’t realize that the boy was also very, very nervous and almost stood her up.

They met up with their mutual friends and he drove the girl way out into the country in his giant white pick-up truck. Right from the beginning, they seemed to have a lot in common and just kept talking and talking. They discussed a wide variety of topics: politics, families, goals, and what their favorite music was.

Together, with their friends, they ate a giant, delicious steak with a bake potato, roll, and a hot slice of pie.

There was lots of laughing. It wasn’t too stressful and the date went very well. On the way home, he carefully reached over and held her hand.

I think it was the perfect First Date.

Well, he did forget to get my number at the end of the night, but that was easily remedied.

My Fairytale

And it has resulted in a wonderful relationship.

Amazing first dates can be simple but I think they should have the following characteristics:

1.) Good food.

2.) Laughter.

Of course, a romantic candle-lit dinner followed by a walk on the beach would be nice too, but I live in Oklahoma. But Colby did wash his pick-up before our First Date… That is quite romantic, folks.

Oh, by the way, this is Day Three of the 30 Day Meme.

What is your idea of the perfect first date?


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Long days & short nights

Colby has this really annoying habit. He has the ability to fall asleep at the drop of a hat. If he gets quiet and still, then he is probably going to be asleep in twelve point three seconds. I, on the other hand, take forever to fall asleep, no matter how tired I am. Heck, sometimes I have problems falling asleep because I’m too tired. I will go over my day in my head, worry about my “to do list,” listen for the monsters under the bed, check Facebook, check twitter, blah blah blah until I finally fall asleep.

It drives me crazy. I hate wasting precious time that should be devoted to getting some very needed rest.

Colby doesn’t have that problem. And that drives me crazy as well. If I’m going to be miserable, he should at least be suffering with me right? Okay, so I’m not really that selfish, but it does annoy me when he falls asleep in the middle of a conversation.


Last night, we were discussing our days when suddenly he starts snoring. This is totally normal so I think he’s asleep, but then he stops and begins to talk.

“What’s the length of that plot?” Don’t worry about what the plot is. It’s not really important to this post and is farmer blah blah anyway.

“I don’t know. I didn’t plant it.” I avoided the urge to add DUH even though I really wanted to.

“Yes, you did and you measured it too.” This was the point that I realized Colby was totally out of it. I’ve never planted or measured a plot of corn before. It’s not my cup of tea and he takes care of things like that.

“No, I didn’t. You must be thinking of someone else.”

“To hell I am. You measured it today.” Colby was suddenly being quite snotty. And that isn’t his personality at all. If someone in our relationship is being a brat- it’s me. He’s the sweet, mild-mannered one where I am the one with an attitude and a temper. “When are you cutting it?”

Finally, I decided just to play along with him. “They are cutting it on Thursday, I think.” I knew this because he had told me all about it before passing out mid-conversation.

“Well, are you going to be there?!” The snotty voice was back.

This is the point where I really turned on the brat. “No. I have prior commitments. Remember, I’m going to see my boyfriend.” I wanted to know if I could get him good and fired up.

Instead, he began to store. Two seconds later, he mumbled, “I love you.”

And I whispered the words back.

This, my friends, is why one should avoid long days and short nights. Sleep is very important.


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Vroom, Vroom…

Sometimes, you just take a picture that you absolutely love.

This is one of those for me:

My Boys

When Justice was just a little baby, he used to ride the tractor with Colby. He absolutely loved it. They planted twenty circles of corn together. Unfortunately, at six months old and seventy pounds, we can’t get him up into the John Deere anymore. That makes me a bit sad… but I will always love this sweet picture.

And my sweet boys.

Head over to i heart faces for more great “vroom, vroom” pictures.


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Always some dirt

When do boys become men? Are they always dirty little kids who don’t mind to have dirty hands?


Because my man doesn’t care. If I don’t remind him to wash his hands before every single meal, he will happy chow down on anything (pizza, hamburgers, or heck corn on the cob) with dirt encrusted hands. I really don’t understand it.

Enlighten me please. Did years of eating dinner on the tailgate of a pickup do this to him?


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But I’m gonna smile.

Oh Monday. I hate Mondays… especially Monday morning. I hate forcing myself out of bed. I hate trying to get motivated. I hate watching Colby walk out the door.


My fancy washing machine broke last week. I might have to load up two weeks of laundry and take it to my mom’s house to wash. The thought alone annoys me.

2/365 Bammer

The vacuum cleaner’s belt fried in April. It’s fancy too and has some kind of ten-year warranty. Well, they don’t sell new belts to anyone and you have to call the company to get a new one. Well, they won’t send us one. It’s July, people!

(Did I mention that I have a cat and dog who love to play with bugs? They attack them, bring them in the house, and then spread their little bug parts all over the house. Yuck.)

And I can’t vacuum.

(But I have a couple of times… I just have to borrow my moms. Don’t think that our floors are that dirty.)


I did Jillian Michael’s Thirty Day Shred for the second consecutive time last night. Now I can barely lift my arms. It hurts.

Jillian is a mean lady. Mean, mean, mean…

(But’s she’s got my best interest at heart, right?)


Sometimes, I feel like everything around me going crazy and that my life is falling apart. But really, it isn’t. I’m a lucky girl. I’m blessed. And I have nothing important to worry about.

So I’m going to keep on smiling. Keep my head up when I want to complain. Be the light in someone’s life. Encourage others. Be positive. Just keep swimming.

Here’s the deal- I want each of you to name three good things that make you smile…. I’ll start:

1.) Sir Justice… He really loves me.

Real farm dog

2.) This picture…

Storm coming in

And the fact that this entry made it on the front page of wordpress on Friday.

3.) And this man.

My boys

He’s my rock. My constant. My sunshine.

(And this picture just melts my heart. Look at that tiny puppy!)

Your turn. Give me three things that make you smile.


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My very own fairytale

You & Me

Share Your Life at Kelly’s Korner today is about proposals. I’m pretty sure that I have one of the best proposal stories ever. Seriously. Colby was so romantic. Our proposal was unique and my ring still takes my breath away. It was the perfect day.

I posted about it way back in January. Check out this entry to read the entire story.

And yes, Colby is totally a keeper. 🙂

Don’t forget to check out Kelly’s Korner for more great stories.


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