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Another mountain climbed

Another chapter in my life is finished. I am now, officially, a college graduate.

After three and a half years, countless tests, numerous papers, and a several late nights I am finished with my undergraduate career.

Honestly, I feel strange. Much like my high school graduation didn’t hit me until school started the next year, I’m not sure it’s all sunk in yet. I mean, I’m really done? How can that be. It seems like I just started the other day. In some ways, I feel like a scared eighteen year old, wondering exactly where my Comp I class is. At the same time, I know I have grown into a strong, independent women.


An independent women who happened to have a rockin’ GPA, by the way. Oh, an independent women who made it all the way across the stage without tripping and falling. In heals.

(That is actually the real accomplishment, friends.)

In five days I’ll be a married women. How completely bizarre is that?!

I’ll check in as often as possible.

(Please forgive me for any typos made in this post. I also survived my bachelorette party last night.)



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My 22th year of life

Today is my the anniversary of my birth. I have graced the world with my presence for twenty-two years. This is quite bizarre to me, honestly. Most days, I don’t feel like I’ve matured since I turned twelve. I know I have, but I still feel like that little girl, acting like a grown up.

My twenty-second year is going to be awesome. Really, it is.

And in typical first-born, overachiever style, I’m going to make a list of things to accomplish in the next 365 days.

  1. Get married to the my dream guy, my lover, and the man who makes my heart go pitter-patter when I see him.
  2. Learn to make homemade tortillas.
  3. Figure out the actual rules to football and pay attention to at least one full game.
  4. Graduate from college.
  5. Organize my kitchen.
  6. Actually finish the last season of Lost. I’m obsessed with the show. I absolutely love it, but I had a night class last year when they were finishing it. Thus, the entire season remains on the DVR, waiting to be watched. I’m waiting until I have time to savor the last bit of the storyline. Plus, I’m not sure I want to figure out what exactly is going on. (This is Day 14 of the 30 Day Meme.)
  7. Teach Justice at least three tricks.
  8. Hike through a rain forest.
  9. Finish my 365 Project.
  10. Run a half marathon in April.
  11. Train for that half marathon.
  12. Get a Brazilian blowout before my honeymoon.
  13. Watch a sunrise in Hawaii.
  14. Beat Colby in a game of Poker.
  15. Have a sleepover with my sisters.
  16. Improve my photography.
  17. Volunteer at church more often.
  18. Plant flowers next Spring.
  19. Expand my photography business.
  20. Build a snowman.
  21. Fly a kite.
  22. Relax. Enjoy life. Laugh often. Love. Make the best of every single day God blesses me with.

I think I’ve got some good guidelines anyway.


And now, I think we should look at old pictures of myself and laugh.

That’s obviously the healthiest thing to do on one’s birthday, right?

First, there was wittle-wittle baby Marla.

So Young!

That baby grew and grew and eventually became the World’s Cutest Child Ever.


And then she got some sisters.


(I’m the one on the right, Shaylin is on the left, and Ashley is the baby.)


Eventually, 1998 rolled around and my bangs were still rockin’ like it was 1987. My mom continued to make me wear my hair like this until I was eleven. I then demanded that they be grown out.

clay & mar dec 1999

Actually, I’m not sure that that improved my hair much.

We should probably stop with the old pictures now, while I still have some dignity left.


Today, Colby is taking me to my favorite eatery where I’m going to order Prime Rib.



It’s my birthday and I want to be carefree and happy, but all I can think about is my ever growing “to-do” list. Seriously, I have three photo sessions this weekend, a online test, a paper to write, and about a million other things to do.

Maybe I should chop my bangs short and act like it’s 1998. Things were so easy back then.


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Don’t worry about me; I thrive on stress

I’ve been crazy busy, ‘yall.

And I’m so tired, but my devotion to you guys will continue forever.

Plus, I really wanted to make sure you were all still around. I’m alive, I promise.


Albert, who was featured in Sunday’s entry, was not eaten.


He was actually only visiting at the farm. We had a bunch of extra grass, so he and about fifteen other bulls hung out for a couple weeks grazing it down.

Plus, he’s an intact male so he won’t be made into beef anytime soon. Instead, he has another, very important and rather enjoyable job.

Can you guess what that job is?


I’ve been trying to convince Colby that we need to get a few pigs to raise. I love bacon and truly believe that homegrown pork is much better than the stuff in stores.

He things pigs are dumb.


Taylor, otherwise known as The Lumberjack’s Wife, tagged me in a fun little meme this weekend.

1.) What is one food you detest?


Oh and Ranch Dressing. Ranching Dressing yucks me out, every single time.

And the smell? Dis-gust-ing.

2.) What is your perfect day?

Well, right now I’m exhausted and sick of running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

So… I wish that I could sleep for twelve hours straight without the dog barking, the cat attacking my face, or Colby’s phone ringing. Then I would awake to the smell of bacon cooking on the stove.

Colby and I would spend the day doing nothing. There would be no stress, nowhere we needed to do, no work that was screaming our name. We would just spend the day talking, because honestly folks, it’s been quite a while since we’ve done that.

Justice and Cricket would exist in harmony. The weather would be a warm 65 degrees with no wind. The food would magically appear without me having to cook and the house would stay clean.

And I would rest. I just want to rest.

3.) If you could take vacation next week, where would you go?

Have I told you guys that Colby and I are going to Hawaii for my honeymoon in January? Well, we are.

And I am so stinkin’ excited.

We are staying at an all inclusive resort on the Big Island. I wish that it was January and we were already there.

4.) What are five of your favorite blogs?

Other than the Lumberjack’s Wife?

1.) Marriage Confessions

2.) Our Front Door

3.) Life with Kaison

4.) i heart faces

5.) The Amazing Trips

5.) What are your thoughts on The Facebook?

I was on facebook before facebook was cool. Really, I have been on connected since the beginning of time. I mean, 2005. Either way, me and The Facebook go back a long, long time.

I think facebook is a great resource when used properly. I love being able to keep up with my extended family and look at everyone’s pictures.

Plus, I pretty much run my photography business off facebook. It’s AMAZING how quickly world and pictures spread when you start tagging people.

But I also think that facebook has the potential to create big problems. I had a acquaintance post a picture of her smoking a joint for the world to see last week. I’ve had to delete numerous people because they started posting mean and rude things all the time. Like everything, facebook can defiantly be misused.

But I mostly like facebook.

6.) Are your parents technological goobers, like mine?

My parents are fairly good at the internet. They both have facebook accounts, know how to send an email, and can find their way around google.

But my mother one time called me early in the morning, freaking out. She said, “I’ve got an emergency!” I, of course, got really scared, because hello it was like six AM. She then continued, “My iPod is broken.” In reality, the lock button was on.

7.) If you had to choose between losing 15 pounds forever, but never wearing makeup again OR having perfect skin but putting on 15 pounds permanently… what would it be?

Can I phone a friend?

Really, this is the hardest question ever. If I was fifteen pounds lighter, I would be pretty much happy with my body… but I need makeup. Really, I’ve had terrible skin my entire life.

But there is no way that I’m putting on fifteen pounds forever. No was. I’ll take yucky skin please.

8.) What is your best recipe?

I love this recipe from Apple Crisp. I follow the directions, except I double the crust recipe.


I drove the grain cart yesterday.


And by drove, I really mean dominated. I am the best grain cart driver, ever.

(By the way, the above picture is actually a combine, which is different than a grain cart.)

I plan on posting a full, detailed recap of the first day on the job, but my eyes are growing heavy and I must submit to sleep. Just know that I didn’t run over anyone and successfully “squirted the dirt,” three times without being spotted by the inlaws.

How are you guys?


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Things I just don’t understand

1.) This cat:


(By the way, this picture happens to be 99/100.)

Cricket is pretty much the weirdest animal ever. Several times a day, she leaves me pondering what exactly she’s thinking. Like why did she seem to want into the bedroom at exactly 5:16 AM on Saturday? Doesn’t she understand that nothing needs to be happening at that hour on a Saturday? And why must she always stick her behind right into my face when we let her in? Couldn’t she reserve that trait for Colby?

Oh, and she seems to be incredibly scared of my camera. It is so stinkin’ hard to get a picture of this animal.

2.) My immune system has gone completely bonkers. Really. Why do I have to be sick on the craziest week I’ve had in a long time?

If I suddenly disappear off the face of the internet planet, you guys will know why. I just drowned in my own snot.

3.)  We had two day labors working at our house last week. They were putting in two small cement slabs on either side of the house. When it rains a lot, we have a tiny problem with the basement flooding. Hopefully, the cement fixes this problem.

Anyway, the men did a good job on the cement, but left my back yard looking like a trashcan had exploded. There is Coke cans, paper, napkins, and several Dairy Queen cups spread out all over the place. And they were paid good money, too.

It’s a good thing that I don’t know where they live, or I might have to seek revenge. Except I love the planet, so I won’t.

4.) Oh and another thing: if you are hired to work at someone’s house, never start a conversation like this- “Hey, how much did that dog cost?!” Because that is not polite. And it might totally tick off the lady of the house.

5.) Speaking of the dog, have I mentioned lately that he is growing like a weed?


Sir Justice the Expensive is currently eight pounds and has taken up a habit of laying on his back. All. The. Time.

And I don’t understand that either. These animals I live with are bizarre.

(All contents of this post were written while I was under the influence of at least three different kind of cold and flu medicines. I cannot be held countable for anything I say. Amen.)


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Eight things

1.) School is really starting to starting to take off. My first paper was due yesterday and I have my first test today. Needless to say, I’m starting to feel the heat.


2.) My sister’s apartment (where I’m staying Monday-Thursday) doesn’t have internet, yet. Something about the company changing, blah, blah, blah. I don’t like it.

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night gasping for air. I need to feed my internet addiction, y’all.

3.) Refer to #’s one and two for proof that I’ve been a little absent lately. I hope you forgive me, dear internet friends.

4.) My nephew is just too cute.


Really, it’s just about too much for me, especially when he cries and his little teeth stick out.


And when you add in my darling little sister, I feel my ovaries soar. But then I remember that my dog is usually the only thing waking me up in the morning… and he likes to sleep. Babies can wait.

5.) I can never spell ovaries.

Actually, I can’t spell a lot of things.

6.) Oh, football. I really don’t understand football, at all. Instead, I spend $5 to sit in the cold with my family for the social interaction. Really, I just talk the entire time.


And then my brother scores and I have to pretend that I watched the entire thing. It’s a hard life.

7.) I took some ridiculously amazing pictures of my future-cousin-in-law.


Isn’t she just too cute?


8.) In the last couple months, I really got down on my photography. No one wanted a session. And now, when my life exploding into a world of crazyness… Everyone wants a session.

You know what they say, when it rain it pours.


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On Funerals

Cryin' for me

1.) Last Friday, one of Colby’s great uncles passed away. His funeral was on Monday afternoon. I had only met Gary once, but he was a great man- full of laughter and always wanting to work.

2.) His sons spoke at the memorial service. It was so good that I alternated between tears and laughter for the entire funeral. Gary has been fighting pancreatic cancer since October. We honestly thought he would be gone before summer ever arrived. Instead, he fought on, remaining optimist the entire time.

3.) There were also two other funerals that I could have attend in the last week. That’s the thing about small towns, you know everyone and you find yourself mourning the loss of every person that passes. Because they are obviously your best friends’ cousin’ step-brother’s aunt. And they were nice to you. I didn’t go to those other two funerals though. I’m not a huge fan of funerals.

4.) I would have absolutely bawled the entire time, too. It’s not that I’m crying for those that are gone. I know that they are heaven. Gary is playing golf with Jesus now. I cry for the families left behind. The loved ones who have to figure out how to go on without their husband, father, grandpa, and friend. Gary and his wife were married for forty-five years. Their sixteen-year old, twin daughter’s spent the summer with them, watching the love between them as she helped to take care of him. They said it best, “It was the greatest love story we will ever see.”

5.) I’m about to cry again.

6.) I hope I don’t have to go to another funeral for a long time.

Love forever,



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I just discovered the most amazing thing in the world.

Well, not the most amazing. I mean, I didn’t win the lottery or find a cure for cancer. That would be the most amazing thing.

But I did find my missing underwear. Remember, when I thought I left my undergarments in my apartment during my move?

Well, I didn’t. I apparently packed them up into a small duffle bag. I then placed the bag into my closet, stacking several larger bags on top on it. Apparently I didn’t search everywhere.


And that makes me feel like a man. Do the men in your life have problems finding stuff? I mean, Colby sometimes has to ask where his shoes are. And they are right there in the closet… where they belong.

I didn’t mean to turn this into a man-bashing post. Really. I’m just so excited about finding my missing panties. It’s like the planets have aligned. Everything is right in the world again. I will no longer have nightmares of my undergarments being sold on Ebay. (By the way, thanks for that Steve.)

I’m off to bed. Tomorrow, I vow to completely reorganize my closet. I mean, one really should be able to loose a complete set of underwear for an entire month. That’s ridiculous.



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