He makes me ovaries sing…

On Friday, I complained about Jamey and how she could totally wear me out. I swore that it would be years until I had babies of my own. Kids are exhausting and I love to sleep.


Well, Samuel did it to me again. He made my ovaries sing with his little sweetness this weekend.


I can’t help it though. Who could resist a face like this?!

In the last couple of weeks, he is really starting to blossom. Sam is really starting to get his own little personality. He’s a little chunk too.
And everyone knows that chubby babies are the absolute best.


One of my readers, Rachel, asked the other day how one knows they are ready for children. Do you have children? If so, Rachel and I, would love to know how you knew that it was time to reproduce? Does it just hit you one day?



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7 responses to “He makes me ovaries sing…

  1. I knew I was ready to have kids when I saw my husband hold my niece. My ovaries all of a sudden were like HELLOOOOOOO YOU NEED TO HAVE BABIES RIGHT THIS SECOND. And then my brain was like, you idiot, wait until you’re done with school! So that’s basically what I live with every day haha.

  2. I was about to turn 30. I guess my age triggered it for me. And then, one day in the grocery store (back when my husband and I used to go together…!), I picked up a bottle of prenatal vitamins, shook them at my husband and asked if I should buy them. Subtle, aren’t I?

  3. What a great question — some women know instinctivly and other women don’t ever know. But don’t wait too long. Fertility begins to decline at 30. And then it’s kind of a race to see if you can have a baby.

    My grandmother said “If you wait until you can afford to have a baby you never will.” And she was right.

    So I guess I would think about your relationship, if it’s good, stable, and having a child is something that you feel is the next natural step to take and you want a family then I say “Do a little dance, make a little love and get down tonight!”

    I was 37 when I had my son — if I could have swung it I would have had him 10 years earlier. Not that I’d want to wish my time away with him, but damn I was tired after he was born!

  4. Not to get all mother earthy but I think children pick us. They come when they’re ready and they don’t put much thought into whether or not we’re ready to have them.

  5. Um, you know when you know. Brilliant, eh? Actually, for us it was when my husband got a promotion so we knew we could swing having me stay home full time which was a priority for us. NOT that we were living in luxury by any means – a 2 bedroom townhouse with hand-me-down furniture actually. But we could keep the roof over our heads and food on the table.

  6. Yeah, sorry I can’t really help, except to say that you just know. Really. You do. One day I just KNEW I was ready. The end.

    And if you wait until things are ‘perfect’ financially and physically and with your job and your house and blahblahblah, then you’ll never get around to it. You have to just go on ahead with a good partner, a good friend. Then there’s a chance it will all work out long-term. That’s the best I can offer you….

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