Grocery shopping- my arch enemy

I hate grocery shopping. Seriously. I dread the entire experience. Mostly because I always spend twenty minutes wondering around the store, looking for the last thing on my list. Oh and the lines. The lines make me want to throw myself down on the floor and start screaming.

But I do it anyway, because I like to eat and some things are absolutely necessary- like TP and dish soup.

Day 9 of the 30 Day Meme calls for a picture of the last thing you bought:


On Thursday, I forced myself to go into Walmart where I purchases a new makeup bag.

I also bought the following:

– Tortilla Rounds.

– Soup for the dish washer.

– Three different kinds of creamer.

– A package of Snickers marked half off.

– Ranch style beans.

– A big block of Velveta.

– Corn.

– Fresh Jalapeno peppers.

– And a wide variety of other necessities.

Oh gosh. I hate grocery shopping.

Any advice on how to make this job a little more enjoyable?



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3 responses to “Grocery shopping- my arch enemy

  1. Take a 4 year old! They LOVE grocery shopping and can make it really fun for you too. Don’t have a 4 year old? Then think like one – look at everything as something new and exciting. Smell the smells, touch (and taste if they’re giving out free samples! :). Visit with people, buy something new – maybe for Asian cuisine? Try to find something about it that you like – even if it’s just the fact that you HAVE a grocery store and the MONEY to buy food – because you’re going to spend a lot of your life there and you wouldn’t want that many hours/days/weeks of life to be miserable.

    All the best!
    dena – Part Time Gypsy

  2. I love grocery shopping! But, I don’t know why, so I’m no help!

    That makeup bag is adorable!!

  3. Yup, I’ve got one idea… I used to H-A-T-E grocery shopping too, until I realized this one thing: whether I want to do it or not, I *have to* do it, I don’t have a choice, but I DO have a choice as to what kind of a mood I want to put (and keep) myself in to do it. So, I choose to be happy! And heck, I kinda enjoy it now… :0)

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