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By Major General Daniel Butterfield

Day is done…
Gone the sun
From the lake…
From the hills…
From the sky.
All is well…
Safely rest
God is nigh.

Fading light….
Dims the sight
And a star….
Gems the sky….
Gleaming bright
From afar….
Drawing nigh
Falls the night.

(In loving memory of my great-grandfather.)



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Soakin’ up the Sun

This weekend, Colby & I are headed to the lake with my family. We are going to soak up some much needed rays and relax.  Seriously. Life has been much too busy now.


I would like to thank each and every service member who has ever fought for our country, the families they left behind, and especially those that gave their lives for my freedoms. I hope that our country continues to remember and respect those that make the ultimate sacrifice.

I hope you all have a good and safe weekend!

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Things that I love…

Today, we’re talking about things that we LOVE over at Kelly’s Korner. I just adore making posts about my favorite things because a.) they are so easy to talk about, b.) they make me smile, and c.) I love being a positive person. Here are some of the things that I love today:

1.) My big, ridiculous family-


Even when they are driving my crazy, I know that they’ve got my back through it all. But they still drive me crazy… I want to make that clear.

2.) These two silly heads… and this picture of them-

My Boys

My fiance Colby and our puppy Justice are my two main loves. I don’t know what I would do without them.

3.) My nephew Samuel-

Four months

As well as any precious baby. Cute babies make my ovaries sing, what can I say? I’m a total sucker.

4.) Farm life-

One of my favorites.

I may be losing it… but I’m really starting to love farm life. It’s peaceful, but busy. The work is so natural and rewarding. I think I might actually make it as a farmer’s wife.

5.) Food

Easter Dinner

I love food, especially the stuff you make on holidays or on the grill. Yum yum yum…

6.) Photography


I love catching the little moments… The fractions of seconds that seem so normal, but will be so important later. Photography makes my soul soar.

What are a few things that you really love?


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Workout Wednesday

My dog is lazy. Every morning, I have to pull him out of his crate and haul him outside, even though he’s been sleeping for over ten hours. Sometimes he collapses to the ground outside, too tired to go to the bathroom. I then bring him into the house where he plops down onto his bed falling back into a deep slumbor.

Justice obviously has a hard life, right? I know, you all feel so very bad for him. I do, too. It must be hard to live such an active lifestyle.


Here’s the thing- I want to be like Justice. I want to lay in bed all day, only moving from time to time when I needed to eat or go to the bathroom. It would be a joyous existence.

But I would get HUGE. Personally, I don’t want to gain a million pounds, so I decided to start working out. I used to love track and cross-country. I would run and run and run. It made me feel great.

Then I went to college and quite exercising. Last year, I walked a half mile to class everyday, but that was really the only exercise I’ve had in years. I’ve gotten out of shape, big time. Now it’s time to change that and I’ve started the Couch-to 5K running plan. (Thank you Kenzie for introducing me to the workout.) It’s a nine week program that starts slow but eventually gets you up to running a full 5K. If you want to get active again, I highly recommend this plan.

My goal is to finish this program and then move on to a half marathon plan. Next April, I hope to run in the Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon with my old track coach. I have dreams, folks.

What’s your take on working out? Do you feel bad for my puppy?


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Freaky weather stinks…

When you’re livelihood depends on agriculture, you suddenly start paying a lot more attention to the weather. I no longer look to the weather channel to tell me what to wear or whether it would be a good day to stay outside. Instead, I watch for storms and the chance of rain.

Because going bankrupt would suck.

Rain is nice. Storms aren’t really. See, storms often bring hail and hail can be incredibly damaging to crops. Hail knocks healthy plants to the ground, keeping the farmer from a higher yield. At times, hail can completely kill wheat and corn, resulting in an extreme loss of income for the farmer.

Believe me, farmers work very hard for their pay. Furthermore, they invest a large amount of money in the hope that they will yield a large crop. When that doesn’t happen, it throws off the entire system. A system that we are all involved in. Remember, if you eat, you are involved in agriculture.


Our wheat is looking beautiful this year and Colby believes that it may be one of the best crops ever. That’s really awesome, but it makes every cloud that blows up extremely nerve-racking. Each storm could bring damaging winds and hail, ruining our crop and lowing our income drastically. And we have had a lot of clouds around here lately.

There have been three big storms in the last week. Each of these storms has brought high winds and damaging hail. Luckily, our farm has avoided any damage, but it has caused Colby lots of stress. When bad weather blows up, he’s stuck to his phone and the local weather website like glue. He watched the radar and prays that it misses the farm.


We have been lucky so far, thank goodness. The storms have missed us and we continue to be blessed. The wheat keeps growing and the corn is beginning to come up. My life is full of love. We are all relatively healthy. I’ve got some great friends and amazing family. Life is good today.


But with each cloud that rolls up, I realize that everything could change. It’s important to cherish each moment and realize that it could all be taken away in a second.


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Is he a horse or a dog?!?

That is truly the question.

In the last five weeks, Justice has gone from this:

Eight Weeks




To this:


(And this picture is actually a week old. He’s really bigger.)

In the last twenty four hours, he’s been asleep twenty three. That’s when babies grow, you know. I’m afraid that I’m going to suddenly look at him and realize that he’s grown a foot and gained twenty pounds.

That makes me sad. I want my puppy to stay a puppy, at least for a little while. Of course, I’m totally okay with the fact that he’s almost completely potty trained. That’s awesome, but I want him to stay cute and cuddly.

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My newest project

I’m finally home, listing to Justice snore at this very moment. He’s such a sweetie.

On Monday, I started a new project- digital scrapbooking. I’ve always wanted to be a scrapbooker, but it requires a lot of tools and space. I don’t have anywhere to store a million different kinds of paper. Plus, the nearest Walmart is an hour away. I stink at getting my pictures printed. Scrapbooking just wasn’t working for me.

I was motivated to get into digital scrapbooking by Kelle and the amazing books she makes for her daughters. Honestly, I want to be just like her when I grow up. For real. Please check out her blog if you haven’t.

Anyway, on Monday I spent hours making my own layouts and pages in photoshop. At the end of the year, I’m going to combine all my pages into one book that I’ll print from I’m very excited about seeing the finished project. Of course, I have to get the pages made first.

Here are a few of my first spreads:







At first, I was really confused about making layouts, but I’ve been surprised by how easy it has been once I got the hang of it.

How do you guys archive pictures and memories? I’ve need to know. It’s vital to my existence.


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