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My little baby is growing up…

My cat, Cricket, is no longer a baby. She’s a full-fledged adult cat with some serious problems…

Baby Cricket

She’s in heat. The poor cat has spent the last two days rubbing herself against anything will move. Oh and she cries, loudly.

Cricket isn’t an affectionate cat. She would rather spend her time darting around the house then laying next to me. In the last twenty-four hours I’ve probably had to push her off my lap sixty three hundred times. I’m not mean to her, but she’s smells a bit funny. I cannot imagine the hormones that are surging through her little body. Her personality has been totally altered. It’s insane.

I almost posted the following facebook status: “…So our cat is in heat and really needs help. Any advice?” I only resisted because I knew I would get comments about a horny pussy. Oh my.

Any advice guys?

(P.S.- She has an appointment at the vet later this month. We don’t want any baby kitties running around.)


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Welcome to the Wild West. We’ve got bank robbers and lots of firepower.

I’ve had a very long day. Actually, that’s an underexaggeration. I’ve had the kind of day that makes you over-eat, soak in the bathtub for a full hour, and drink vodka before bed.

It all started this morning when I agreed to watch Samuel for the day. He’s had a cold and was understandably in a very bad mood. Colby and I decided to take him on a quick cruise through town in hopes of luring him to sleep.


Our town in small. It’s Mayberry to the extreme. Our entire county is home to less than 3,000 people. We have one tiny grocery store and three gas stations. I graduated from high school in a class of seven. I could go on and on, but believe me- I live in the middle of nowhere.

We have very little crime. The police concentrate on keeping the teenagers off the streets and away from beer. The last murder in our county took place in 1998. Finder benders and stolen four-wheelers make front page news.


Today, hell froze over and the town turned into utter chaos. Around 10 AM, a man dressed in a black hat and a dark jacket walked into the local bank and calmly waited in line. When it was his turn he politely demanded all the money in the registers, threatening to blow up the bank, hospital, and two of the local schools. Of course, the teller hurriedly handed over the money, triggering a silent alarm.

Our small town police made it their first priority to ensure that both the high school and elementary schools were evacuated. Within minutes, the students (including THREE of my siblings) were loaded onto busses and taken to nearby churches. In that time, we assume that the man, and the women he was traveling with him, slipped out of town. Four heavily traveled roads branch out from our city, meaning the bank robbers could be anywhere in Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, or Kansas by now.


The chances are very likely that Colby, Sam and I passed these individuals as we cruised through town. My future-mother-in-law, Pam, was present in the bank when this sick individual threatened to blow up the school where three of my siblings were learning. It’s been a very long day, one that has opened my eyes to the dangers of the world. Bad things can happen, even when you feel like your in the safest place in the world.

We were so very lucky today.

They still haven’t caught the couple. Every highway patrol man in the five state area is currently looking for them, but it appears that they may be serial bank robbers who are very good at what they do. Our town is in a state of shock. We are checking our locks and watching for strangers.


Don’t worry about me though. Colby is a very strong believer in firepower and is keeping the guns close.


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Sometimes I just feel joyful. I walk around with a huge grin on my face. I’m a lucky girl, who has been blessed so very much.


“The deep joy we take in the company of people with whom we have just recently fallen in love is undisguisable.”
-John Cheever


I hope you all find joy in the every day, completely normal things that happen in your life. Take time to breath and appreciate everything that you have been given. You won’t regret it.


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Be still, my heart

Uncle Colby
God knew what he was doing when he made women and men.


Otherwise, I wouldn’t find this picture of Uncle Colby and Sam so sexy. Seriously, what is better than watching the man you love holding a baby? NOTHING.


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Spring Fever

I am so ready for Spring. Last night, it snowed again. It was only an inch, but I still had to bundle up and deal with frosted over windows and slick roads. I’m so sick of hazardous driving conditions.

Of course, when Spring does finally arrive, I’ll be complaining about Colby working all the time. We will deal with that when the time comes, for now- I’m going to post some farm pictures in honor of Spring.

“The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.”
-Oscar Wilde

“Know what you want to do, hold the thought firmly, and do every day what should be done, and every sunset will see you that much nearer the goal.”
-Elbert Hubbard

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
-Henry Ford

“Science will never be able to reduce the value of a sunset to arithmetic. Nor can it reduce friendship or statesmanship to a formula.”
-Dr. Louis Orr

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.
-Donald Kendall

Do you have terrible Spring Fever like I do?


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I <3 Hands

This week, over at I heart faces, they are concentrating on hands.

Today, I realized that I have perfect picture for my entry. This is my mom holding the foot of her first ever grandbaby. She loves this picture and so do I.
Sammy &amp; Nan
Head over to I heart faces to see more wonderful shots!


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smIMG_8835colbt,travis,carlWork on the farm is rarely clean. Instead, it is usually gritty and dirty.

On this day, the men-folk of the family were working on the fan- belt on the pickup. For some reason, I feel like this picture captures the true essence of farm work.


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