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Well, hello December. How did you sneak up on me?

I’m alive.

November seemed to fly right on by me. It’s amazing how that happens when your life is totally stinkin’ insane.

But I survived. My projects are mostly completed, all my photography clients have their pictures, the wedding stuff is coming along quite nicely and I should be able to survive the next twenty-one days.

Can you believe it’s only twenty-one days?! Holy smokes. I’m going to be an old married women before long.

We had our shower a couple of weeks ago, where we received a ton of amazing presents.

It took my a full eight hors to wash all the plates/dishes/etc and put them all up in the cabinets. There were boxes everywhere!

Oh my

But now our house is more like a home. And our plates are totally the coolest thing ever.


Finals start next week. I’m over them all ready. I mean, I’m a Senior. I’ve been through this jazz way more times than I can count. (Or seven times. Whatever.)

I feel like I could go on and on forever, but I’m going to stop. I’m here. I’m alive and I hope to be checking back in from time to time.

I can’t wait to catch up on all my imaginary internet friends lives.



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Grocery shopping- my arch enemy

I hate grocery shopping. Seriously. I dread the entire experience. Mostly because I always spend twenty minutes wondering around the store, looking for the last thing on my list. Oh and the lines. The lines make me want to throw myself down on the floor and start screaming.

But I do it anyway, because I like to eat and some things are absolutely necessary- like TP and dish soup.

Day 9 of the 30 Day Meme calls for a picture of the last thing you bought:


On Thursday, I forced myself to go into Walmart where I purchases a new makeup bag.

I also bought the following:

– Tortilla Rounds.

– Soup for the dish washer.

– Three different kinds of creamer.

– A package of Snickers marked half off.

– Ranch style beans.

– A big block of Velveta.

– Corn.

– Fresh Jalapeno peppers.

– And a wide variety of other necessities.

Oh gosh. I hate grocery shopping.

Any advice on how to make this job a little more enjoyable?


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The Ol’ Ford

Sometimes, I find myself in the strangest locations happily taking pictures. These were shot last week while we were busy picking sweet corn.


The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.  ~Attributed to both Vidal Sassoon and Donald Kendall

All the so-called “secrets of success” will not work unless you do. ~Author Unknown


I’ve got a theory that if you give 100 percent all of the time, somehow things will work out in the end. ~Larry Bird


Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. ~Thomas Edison

Can you guess my quote theme today? I left a few hints laying around.

P.S.- Head over to communal global to check out Tuesday’s around the world.


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Life’s not the breaths you take…

Twenty-four hours ago, a series of events took place that has left me feeling uneasy with the world. Suddenly, I feel like I don’t have it all figured out. Maybe the things that are important to me aren’t really what I should be worrying about.

I should start back at the beginning. On Tuesday afternoon, a clean-cut, normal looking man went on a rampage in our nearest “city.” It’s where I go to get groceries, where my college is located, where I bought my wedding dress. I have always imagined it to be a perfectly safe place and have never worried about being attack while visiting.

First, the man approached a women who had a flat tire. She was on the side of the road when he pulled out a pistol, demanding that she get into his white pick-up truck. The women fought back, escaping his grasp.

The man took off, stopping at a Love’s truck stop where he focused his attention on a new target. A sixty-three year old grandmother was leaving the store with her three grandchildren. The man decided to take the women’s twelve-year old granddaughter in broad daylight. The grandmother wasn’t having any of it and jumped in front of the children, telling them man to “leave them alone.” He coldly pulled out his pistol, shooting the women in the back. She would later die on the way to the hospital.

I knew that women. Her name was Sharrel and she lived three houses down from my high school. Every Halloween, she would make a huge batch of popcorn balls that she would hand out to the local youngsters. She was active in her church and a super nice lady.

She died defending her grandchildren.

The man didn’t stop there. Once again, he jumped into his pick-up searching for another target. This time, he spotted two eleven year old girls who were walking down a road. He stopped, forcing one of the girls into his vehicle. When the brave girl saw a policeman drive by, she jumped out of the moving pick-up.

The police chased after the man. He stopped, shooting at the officers from his vehicle. He was eventually shot and killed by law enforcement officials.

Things like this suddenly make me realize how quick I could lose everything. A women from my home town was murdered this week. People who live in a town of one hundred people aren’t supposed to be murdered.


Wear your best dress.


Get your toes done.


Smile. Laugh. Hug your loved ones.


Take time to smell the flowers.


Watch a sunset.


Treat every single day as if it could be your last.

“Life’s not the breaths you take
The breathing in and out
That gets you through the day
Ain’t what it’s all about
Ya just might miss the point
If ya don’t slow down the pace
Life’s not the breaths you take
But the moments that take your breath away.”

(Credit goes to George Strait for the song lyrics. I lurve him.)

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Lolli


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Repeat after me… October 2

I’m getting married on December 23, 2010.

Most of you probably knew that… but sometimes I still like screaming it at the top of my lungs. It’s absolutely amazing and oh so exciting.

I’ve still got about a million things to do before the big day though. Gifts to buy, DJs to books, flowers to pick out, twenty pounds to lose.

Yes, I did say twenty pounds. Before October 2.

That’s when my first dress fitting is scheduled and I want to look my best by then. After that, I plan on maintaining my same size so the dang thing fits perfectly.

In the last nineteen months, I have been so mean to my body. I was a size four when Colby and I went on our first date. I had toned legs and didn’t understand where love handles even came from. It was pathetic.

And I was also starving myself. I was a poor college student who survived on $15-20 a week for groceries. I ate nothing. Seriously. In health class I had to document how many calories I consumed in a week. I was surprised to find out that I ate between 800-1000 calories a day. It wasn’t healthy, but I wasn’t really hungry. I had trained myself to live of a bowl of oatmeal and a sandwich. I also had to take a two-hour nap every day and was likely very anemic.

When I moved home for the summer, my eating habits changed dramatically. There was suddenly food and I eventually stressed my stomach out and started eating fresh meat again. I suddenly had more energy and was feeling much better.

My love

But then I started to pack on pounds. Actually, I’m not sure how much I weight I gained because I don’t weigh myself. Seriously. I don’t have a scale and I don’t “check-in” on my weight. Instead, I just watch my clothing size. When things aren’t fitting properly, I realize that something is up. This obviously isn’t always the best thing to do, because my size 6 jeans were no longer fitting in August. Before long, my new size 8 jeans weren’t fitting either. For the first time in my entire life, I was in double digits.

Things haven’t gotten any better since then, folks. I love my man, but he loves to feed me. We weren’t long, weird hours and at the end of the day, he would rather take me out for dinner than have me cook something. This winter, we ate our more than we ate at home and it was always huge meals. Colby would drive to my college town in the middle of the weak to take me to a fancy dinner.

I love him. I love to eat. But I don’t love having a tire around my middle.

So- In hopes of getting my weight gain under control and my body shaped up, I vow to do the following:

1.) Work out to Jillian Michaels’ Thirty Day Shed at least four times in the next week. Jillian and me are buds and she knows how to make me burn.

2.) Eat out at most three times in the next week. When I eat out, feel free to not eat everything. I have a problem with finishing whatever is put in front of me. That really isn’t responsible and not necessary at all.

3.) When I want to sneak a cookie, remind myself “October 2, Marla. October 2!”

Any advice for me, guys?



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The Crazy

I have done it again and let my life get all crazy. I suspect that I actually exist better when things are all jumbled and confused. Really. I do. The crazy just seems to seep into me and before long I’m grumpy and behind on everything. Here’s some examples:

1.) My washing machine has been broken for over three weeks. It’s a fancy unit that was over $1000 dollars when it was purchased two years ago. We waited around for a washing-machine fixer, thinking it was under warranty, only to find yesterday that it wasn’t. Suddenly, Sears is saying that the error code that keeps coming up doesn’t exist. (Because I totally go around making up error codes on my washing machine. Don’t you do that?) They claim that we’ve been using the wrong detergent and that if we switch to a high efficient kind everything will suddenly be wonderful and that the clouds would part and angels would start singing.

Well, guess what? They were wrong. It washed one load and the error code was back up again. I am so tired of not being able to wash clothes. It’s driving me insane. Plus, I’m very unimpressed with Sears’ customer service and my fancy POS washing machine.

2.) I’m currently enrolled in a class called “Principals of Emergency Management.” It is an upper level political science class that I’m taking solely because it’s the only upper level Pol-Sci class offered this summer. Last week, I took two separate FEMA safety courses online. I think I might now be licenced to respond to emergencies.

One problem- I don’t want to respond to an emergency. I’ve taken First Aide and CPR twice and still can’t remember how many chest compressions to breaths one is supposed to take when reviving someone. I really don’t think I would be very helpful in an emergency. But here I am… learning about reception and care of victims. There is even a detailed section in my book detailing what to do with dead bodies after a mass casualty. I didn’t sign up for this kind of stuff. It freaks me out and makes me a little crazy.

3.) We still haven’t gone anywhere. After harvest, I was supposed to go on a wonderful vacation where I could relax in the mountains. We have been waiting around (for weeks) for manure spreaders to come spread cow poop over the wheat fields. I’m not making this up. After harvest, we have to get the fields cleaned up and ready for planting. Well, the manure is plowed into the ground, making the land perfect for future wheat growth.

I was seriously starting to think that the poop boys didn’t really exist. But they showed up today. Within’ hours, they had some kind of mechanical difficulty and were broke down. Of course, right?

4.) My puppy is currently sleep barking. Yes, it’s true. And this fact seems to cancel out all the other crazy things going on and makes me smile.

My pup


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But I’m gonna smile.

Oh Monday. I hate Mondays… especially Monday morning. I hate forcing myself out of bed. I hate trying to get motivated. I hate watching Colby walk out the door.


My fancy washing machine broke last week. I might have to load up two weeks of laundry and take it to my mom’s house to wash. The thought alone annoys me.

2/365 Bammer

The vacuum cleaner’s belt fried in April. It’s fancy too and has some kind of ten-year warranty. Well, they don’t sell new belts to anyone and you have to call the company to get a new one. Well, they won’t send us one. It’s July, people!

(Did I mention that I have a cat and dog who love to play with bugs? They attack them, bring them in the house, and then spread their little bug parts all over the house. Yuck.)

And I can’t vacuum.

(But I have a couple of times… I just have to borrow my moms. Don’t think that our floors are that dirty.)


I did Jillian Michael’s Thirty Day Shred for the second consecutive time last night. Now I can barely lift my arms. It hurts.

Jillian is a mean lady. Mean, mean, mean…

(But’s she’s got my best interest at heart, right?)


Sometimes, I feel like everything around me going crazy and that my life is falling apart. But really, it isn’t. I’m a lucky girl. I’m blessed. And I have nothing important to worry about.

So I’m going to keep on smiling. Keep my head up when I want to complain. Be the light in someone’s life. Encourage others. Be positive. Just keep swimming.

Here’s the deal- I want each of you to name three good things that make you smile…. I’ll start:

1.) Sir Justice… He really loves me.

Real farm dog

2.) This picture…

Storm coming in

And the fact that this entry made it on the front page of wordpress on Friday.

3.) And this man.

My boys

He’s my rock. My constant. My sunshine.

(And this picture just melts my heart. Look at that tiny puppy!)

Your turn. Give me three things that make you smile.


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