A link that will change your life

Lately, I’ve been suffering from insomnia. Crazy bad.

I go to bed, but my mind just keeps going. All. Dang. Night. I make “to-do” lists, I write papers in my head, I think about little details. It’s so ridiculous.

Tonight, I found an amazing website. I’ve always liked fml and textsfromlastnight, but this newest link is even better. Check out:


Seriously, it will change your life. I was laughing so hard I was crying by the third page… And that is honestly just what a crazy stressed girl needs sometimes.

(Be prepared for some profanity. Just a warning.)

Enjoy lovelys. I’m trying to get around to all your blogs, I promise. There is just sooooooo many that I am behind on.



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2 responses to “A link that will change your life

  1. This is one of the funniest sites I’ve visited. Thanks for the link. I might have to “steal” it from you some time when I run out of things to post.

  2. I hadn’t come across that yet – and it’s hilarious! Though I don’t appreciate your sharing, I still haven’t finished my Christmas cards!

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