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I’m alive, folks. Really I survived.


I made it through another busy week of school. And my tests were easy-as-pie.


I booked three photo sessions yesterday.


I booked two more today. When it rains, it really pours, right? I was forcing people to pose for portraits two months ago. I was doubting myself, doubting my ability, and doubting my dream. Now, I’ve got too much work.


Corn harvest is started. Come Monday morning, I will be a true-blue real life farm hand.

(But I won’t be wearing overalls, folks. I have my standards.)

Hallelujah, I think…


Actually, I’m really worried about this. See, I’ve never really drove a tractor by myself… much less with my future in-laws all around. They take their work very seriously. What if I run over a cow or something?!? Colby started driving the grain cart at the age of seven… Am I really expected to live up to that God given talent?

I think I’m in trouble.

And I know I’m going to have to use the bathroom sometime during the fourteen hour workday. How exactly is that going to work?!

Don’t mind me Future-Father-In-Law, I’ll just be over their squatting by the fence…

Pray for me!

In other news, there is a cake cooling in my kitchen.




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My terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Well, I haven’t drowned in my own snot yet. It’s all about the small victories around here, folks.


But I did go to the doctor where I found out I have a respiratory infection and double ear infections.

(Yes, I promise. I am an adult, but I seem to get ear infections all. the. time.)


Anyway, I got a shot in the backside and sent home with some antibiotics. I should live.

But I started feeling bad for myself. I mean, I’ve got about a million things going on this week and it really isn’t convenient to be sick.


And then I went to the grocery store and that always puts me in a bad mood. I love to cook, but absolutely hate picking things up at the store. It’s just no fun.

And then I looked at my schedule for the week and fainted. Well, maybe not fainted, but it definitely sent me into a tizzy. I’ve got two tests on Thursday, a photo shoot on Friday, my first dress fitting (two hours away) and a birthday party on Saturday, and another test on Sunday. I’m sleepy thinking about it.


Oh, I’m always sleepy nowdays. I’m pretty much used to that.

Corn harvest is in full swing and things are about to get even crazier around here. Colby is working late tonight and probably tomorrow night and the night after that…

But really, it’s all about perceptive. If I choose to play the woe-is-me game, I will be unhappy. Instead, I’m going to play the I’m-really-blessed-and-super lucky game. Because you know what, I am. Truly.


Life is good today. I’m not really that sick. I’m not dying. Today, when I went to the grocery store, I had plenty of money to buy groceries. I have the opportunity to go to a great college and better myself. I am very blessed.

And so are you.

These pictures may seem random, but really there is a connection. They all make me smile.

What makes you smile today?


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Things I just don’t understand

1.) This cat:


(By the way, this picture happens to be 99/100.)

Cricket is pretty much the weirdest animal ever. Several times a day, she leaves me pondering what exactly she’s thinking. Like why did she seem to want into the bedroom at exactly 5:16 AM on Saturday? Doesn’t she understand that nothing needs to be happening at that hour on a Saturday? And why must she always stick her behind right into my face when we let her in? Couldn’t she reserve that trait for Colby?

Oh, and she seems to be incredibly scared of my camera. It is so stinkin’ hard to get a picture of this animal.

2.) My immune system has gone completely bonkers. Really. Why do I have to be sick on the craziest week I’ve had in a long time?

If I suddenly disappear off the face of the internet planet, you guys will know why. I just drowned in my own snot.

3.)  We had two day labors working at our house last week. They were putting in two small cement slabs on either side of the house. When it rains a lot, we have a tiny problem with the basement flooding. Hopefully, the cement fixes this problem.

Anyway, the men did a good job on the cement, but left my back yard looking like a trashcan had exploded. There is Coke cans, paper, napkins, and several Dairy Queen cups spread out all over the place. And they were paid good money, too.

It’s a good thing that I don’t know where they live, or I might have to seek revenge. Except I love the planet, so I won’t.

4.) Oh and another thing: if you are hired to work at someone’s house, never start a conversation like this- “Hey, how much did that dog cost?!” Because that is not polite. And it might totally tick off the lady of the house.

5.) Speaking of the dog, have I mentioned lately that he is growing like a weed?


Sir Justice the Expensive is currently eight pounds and has taken up a habit of laying on his back. All. The. Time.

And I don’t understand that either. These animals I live with are bizarre.

(All contents of this post were written while I was under the influence of at least three different kind of cold and flu medicines. I cannot be held countable for anything I say. Amen.)


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Words of Wisdom… part II

I’m sick. Sometime last night, the contents of my nasal cavity decided to move into my throat. Needless to say, I’m uncomfortable. And then there is a huge pile of homework, a ton of pictures to edit, and I’m so tired. (And cranky.)

To celebrate, I’m going to do a words of wisdom post. Because I like quotes. And I like wisdom.

The world could always use a little more wisdom, right?



(The above picture is 95/365, by the way.)

“In giving advice seek to help, not to please, your friend.” ~Solon



“A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks.” ~Charles Gordy



“Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons.” ~Author Unknown



“That which is striking and beautiful is not always good, but that which is good is always beautiful.” ~Ninon de L’Enclos



“The reason women don’t play football is because eleven of them would never wear the same outfit in public.” ~Phyllis Diller



The belly rules the mind. ~Spanish Proverb

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We are headed to the mountains tomorrow for a quick little getaway.


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My favorite thing about photography is the ability to capture a person’s personality.


Maybe it’s the goofy relationship between three brothers. They share so much, yet they are each unique in their own way.


I love catching the smile of a friend, a moment in time, a memory that will last forever.


There is something so special about life stages… The slow transformation of a girl into a women. The smile of a little baby boy. The relationships between family members.


Every time I pick up my camera, I feel blessed. Not only did God give me this talent, but he has also provided me with wonderful tools and some beautiful models.


I love getting the chance to capture them.


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My wedding shoes

I am wearing a huge, elegant wedding dress… I went all out and got as fancy as possible.

But I can’t forget that I’m still a country girl at heart.


They won’t show unless I pull up my dress and they will keep my feet warm if it snows.

They are absolutely beautiful and fit like a glove. And, my favorite part of all, they are so comfortable.


What did you guys wear under your wedding dresses?

(P.S.- The top picture is 94/365.)


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The Maid of Honor



This is my best friend and maid of honor Krystal.

She forced Colby and I to go out on a blind date. Three days before that fateful meeting, she told me, “He’s your soul-mate, Marla. You’re going to get married.”

And the rest is history.


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