Take a little ride around the farm with us…

Would you like to join us for a little ride this evening? I promise, we are both unusually nice. Climb on in. You might have to shove some of Colby’s stuff around, but there is plenty of room in the backseat.


One of my favorite things about farming is the fact that it provides me with ample photography opportunities. Tonight, we are just enjoying the sunset and nice weather.


These sprinklers drive me crazy during the summertime. The have a habit of breaking down and demanding Colby’s attention when I have other plans. Of course, they are an essential part of farming. There is no way we could raise corn in our climate without irrigation.


And they do look so pretty against the sunset, don’t they?


The winter wheat is really starting to grow. Right now, it’s the only green thing around, but before long, it will really look like Spring. We’ve had tons of snow this winter and are really excited about the beautiful Spring that beckons at us.


Winter wheat amazes me. Somehow, it survives the intense cold all winter and then flourishes when Spring finally arrives. It’s bizarre and so very cool.


Colby is cool too… He works so hard and truly love what he does. Right now, he’s feeling a little crazy and really wishes that he could get something done. See, when the ground is too wet, it’s impossible to get everything plowed up and ready to plant. He’s feeling a little restless right now.


Join us for another ride soon… I promise that we will keep you updated on how things are going on around the farm.



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4 responses to “Take a little ride around the farm with us…

  1. Spring to a farmer is like Easter to the Pope.

  2. I loved taking this drive. Thanks! Cool idea for a post, too.

  3. I love rearview mirrors shots sometimes you get stuff you don’t expect.

  4. I am so glad I found your blog. I used to live out in the country in Wisconsin and helped out on farms and I loved. loved.loved. it.

    Planting was my favorite and I adored the cows:)

    I will be here to continue to read!

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