Welcome to the Wild West. We’ve got bank robbers and lots of firepower.

I’ve had a very long day. Actually, that’s an underexaggeration. I’ve had the kind of day that makes you over-eat, soak in the bathtub for a full hour, and drink vodka before bed.

It all started this morning when I agreed to watch Samuel for the day. He’s had a cold and was understandably in a very bad mood. Colby and I decided to take him on a quick cruise through town in hopes of luring him to sleep.


Our town in small. It’s Mayberry to the extreme. Our entire county is home to less than 3,000 people. We have one tiny grocery store and three gas stations. I graduated from high school in a class of seven. I could go on and on, but believe me- I live in the middle of nowhere.

We have very little crime. The police concentrate on keeping the teenagers off the streets and away from beer. The last murder in our county took place in 1998. Finder benders and stolen four-wheelers make front page news.


Today, hell froze over and the town turned into utter chaos. Around 10 AM, a man dressed in a black hat and a dark jacket walked into the local bank and calmly waited in line. When it was his turn he politely demanded all the money in the registers, threatening to blow up the bank, hospital, and two of the local schools. Of course, the teller hurriedly handed over the money, triggering a silent alarm.

Our small town police made it their first priority to ensure that both the high school and elementary schools were evacuated. Within minutes, the students (including THREE of my siblings) were loaded onto busses and taken to nearby churches. In that time, we assume that the man, and the women he was traveling with him, slipped out of town. Four heavily traveled roads branch out from our city, meaning the bank robbers could be anywhere in Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, or Kansas by now.


The chances are very likely that Colby, Sam and I passed these individuals as we cruised through town. My future-mother-in-law, Pam, was present in the bank when this sick individual threatened to blow up the school where three of my siblings were learning. It’s been a very long day, one that has opened my eyes to the dangers of the world. Bad things can happen, even when you feel like your in the safest place in the world.

We were so very lucky today.

They still haven’t caught the couple. Every highway patrol man in the five state area is currently looking for them, but it appears that they may be serial bank robbers who are very good at what they do. Our town is in a state of shock. We are checking our locks and watching for strangers.


Don’t worry about me though. Colby is a very strong believer in firepower and is keeping the guns close.



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10 responses to “Welcome to the Wild West. We’ve got bank robbers and lots of firepower.

  1. My God! This is awful – I’m so glad that all of you are OK, and that these two crazies just calmly went about their business and didn’t actually hurt anyone.

    Also? BIG kudos to the bank teller (who kept his/her head), the police (who evacuated the schools) and the church (for being a safe haven on such short notice).

    Have a vodka for me, darlin’.

  2. Wow – glad to hear your ok! That’s super scary.

    BTW, I am in love with that last image…fantastic

  3. Smart man, that Colby. The guns and all. I posted a little gun thing myself today. And by the way,,,,,SEVEN! seven people in your class? I thought the 35 I graduated with was small. But SEVEN! Wow! Not too many choices come prom time. LOL! 🙂

  4. So glad everyone is okay. Small towns tend to work that way with everyone watching out for each other. My class was 13.

    And I’m really, really like the second photo.

  5. amy

    Thank god that you are ok, the post was scary it had an adventure effect!

  6. Glad everyone is ok. I grew up in a small town, and recently it was the location of a quadruple murder. It was so shocking and unbelievable! Thankfully they caught the person responsible. It was so sad to have our little town on the news for such an awful thing.

  7. The whole world seems to be going crazy at times, doesn’t it? No wonder the Olympics are the most watch thing on TV- we need to escape!

    It sounds like Bonnie and Clyde to me!

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