Blue Skies Photography

I came up with a name for my photography business- Blue Skies Photography!

Lately, I’ve been working on marketing and such on my facebook fan page. I’ve done several sessions for free lately, trying to build a portfolio and get my name out. Everything seems to be coming together.

Yesterday, I downloaded some amazing actions from MCP Actions. The Finish It set makes it so easy to prepare images for the web.





Last week, I dealt with the problem of a girl taking all the pictures that I had posted on my page of her kids and uploading them to her facebook, without giving me any credit… I found it very annoying because I had done here session for free, so she could help get my name out. From now on, I will only be posting pictures to facebook that have my logo somewhere on them.

Plus, I really like how it makes them look professional.

Do you like my name? I put lots of time into figuring out exactly what to call myself.



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7 responses to “Blue Skies Photography

  1. It’s perfect! From what I can gather, it’s the right name for you & your attitude & your business! Wonderful!

    You should contact her and ask her to give you credit, even if it’s just putting your name on the album so people know that it’s you! Really! Don’t let your work go unappreciated!

  2. Jennifer

    I like the name. I like it when the logo is a water mark, rather than having a border, ect on the picture. I think borders take-away from the professionalism of the pictures. Love your shots!

  3. Good choice on your name. I learned the FB lesson too but I’ve also read that publishers shy away from photographers who watermark their shots but I watermark mine anyway. If they like the photo enough they’re not gonna care. I also have a great plug-in I use called WP-Copyright Pro that disables “right click” on my sight.

  4. I absolutely love the farm/country pictures!! It makes me wish I didn’t live in Atlanta. I am on a business trip right now on the 12th floor of a hotel surrounded by a concrete jungle…

  5. Love it! A really fantastic name, and so indicative of your photography.

    I have TOTALLY had that happen before, except it was my sister-in-law who did it! So rude, right? So I made my own little “Galli Photography” watermark action in Photoshop. It’s not a real watermark, per se, but it works! I use the same font I use for the business, and set it to either white or black (whatever will show up best!) and then just drop the opacity down. That way it doesn’t detract from the photo, but there’s no mistaking it’s mine. 🙂

    Congrats again!

  6. I love the name. Marla, you should check out Suzannes site, She’s linked on my sidebar. Today she kicked off a Photography Friday Feature. She just recently started selling some of her pics off her blog. She’s a hoot to read.

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