My dream wedding…

Today I’m supposed to discuss my dream wedding for the 30 Day Meme.

This is the perfect topic because, I am currently planning my very own dream wedding. And I haven’t talked about my wedding in a couple weeks and that’s a shame. You guys want to know every detail, right?!

Remember, me and this guy are getting hitched in December? Only 62 days until the big day!

My love

I will dance the night away in a giant white dress with these boots on my feet:

Pretty boots

I have a secret… I have been wearing my boots for weeks now. And they are so stinkin’ comfortable and so much better than high heals that would probably make me fall on my face. You know, it’s usually unfortunate for the bride to fall down.

Last night, I opened a box that contained a glamorous winter cap thing that I will wear in some outside pictures. Hopefully, we will have a light snowfall and I will be totally rockin’ that Christmas Wedding Look.

Things I still need to do:

– Wrap an ton of gifts for the bridal party.

– Make a music list for the DJ.

– Figure out flowers. (Can you believe I’ve put this off so long!?)

– Stuff the invitation envelopes.

– Pick my dress up at my last dress fitting.

– Attend all the fun stuff: bridal shower, bachelorette party, and lingerie party.

And I know that I’m probably forgetting about a million things, but I do have a list around here somewhere. I’m just too sleepy to get up and look at it.

The point is, I’m getting their folks. I truly am. A wedding will happen around here on December 23, 2010 at 4:30 PM!



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2 responses to “My dream wedding…

  1. You seem so relaxed about the whole thing— and that’s the best way to be!
    so many people forget that it’s about sealing the deal with the person you love the mostest.. glad to see you are not a bridezilla 🙂

  2. So exciting! Enjoy every second of it… It will fly right by!

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