Livin’ on dreams and spaghettios

Day Five of the 30 Day Meme calls for a picture of yourself from two years ago.


This picture was taken during the Fall of 2008. I was a sophomore in college, enjoying my first apartment. And by enjoying, I mean suffering from a lack of funds. My grocery budget was seriously $20 a week. I didn’t eat fresh meat, ever. I lived off spaghettios, peanut butter and  jelly, and oatmeal.

I was also a size two. But I wouldn’t go back to those days for a million dollars and a tiny waist.

Colby wasn’t yet in my life. I hadn’t fallen in love with Photography. I lived way too far from my family and I was lonely all the time.

My life today is so much better than it was two years ago.



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4 responses to “Livin’ on dreams and spaghettios

  1. My birthday is tomorrow and I’ve been reflecting a lot on the last few years and I feel the exact same way! I wouldn’t trade my life right now for the “skinny” days again! And yes, photography has enhanced my life in so many ways, it’s still hard to describe 🙂

    • You asked about drinking coffee. If you are going to start drinking coffee, then you should buy organic coffee, a stainless steel percolator at Sears or Ebay, and you should use alkaline water – you can to to find the best one available and the best value for the money. Alkaline water will also help keep you healthy and detoxify your body. If you drink 1-2 cups of coffee made with alkaline water per day, it will be beneficial to your liver – help it to send bile into your colon, and you won’t get a harsh kickback from the caffeine (because the coffee is not acid, but neutral pH and because you are not drinking plastic or pesticides, both of which increase menstrual problems.

  2. thelumberjackswife


    What’s the matter with you??



  3. You are so cute Marla!
    Plus, you know what the important things are in life.
    If you ever need a puppy-sitter for Justice just give a holler; that face! I can hardly stand it he’s so cute. 🙂

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