In the beginning…

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was very, very nervous. It was Thanksgiving Break 2008 and an old friend from high school had convinced her to go on a blind, double date with the friend’s boyfriend’s good buddy.

She didn’t realize that the boy was also very, very nervous and almost stood her up.

They met up with their mutual friends and he drove the girl way out into the country in his giant white pick-up truck. Right from the beginning, they seemed to have a lot in common and just kept talking and talking. They discussed a wide variety of topics: politics, families, goals, and what their favorite music was.

Together, with their friends, they ate a giant, delicious steak with a bake potato, roll, and a hot slice of pie.

There was lots of laughing. It wasn’t too stressful and the date went very well. On the way home, he carefully reached over and held her hand.

I think it was the perfect First Date.

Well, he did forget to get my number at the end of the night, but that was easily remedied.

My Fairytale

And it has resulted in a wonderful relationship.

Amazing first dates can be simple but I think they should have the following characteristics:

1.) Good food.

2.) Laughter.

Of course, a romantic candle-lit dinner followed by a walk on the beach would be nice too, but I live in Oklahoma. But Colby did wash his pick-up before our First Date… That is quite romantic, folks.

Oh, by the way, this is Day Three of the 30 Day Meme.

What is your idea of the perfect first date?



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4 responses to “In the beginning…

  1. Maddy

    It’s just amazing how certain things are just “meant to be”. When you think about the perfect storm of circumstances that brings two people together, it just mind blowing!

  2. So sweet :0) I hope your wedding plans have been going well!

    Mine actually *did* involve a walk on the beach in the moonlight… but it started out at the wedding and reception of a mutual friend. 🙂 That was one way to ease the anxiety of the first date – have it someplace you “had to be” anyway! hehe

  3. I think that that sounds like a great first date and any first date that ends in marriage is perfect. 🙂

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