Don’t worry about me; I thrive on stress

I’ve been crazy busy, ‘yall.

And I’m so tired, but my devotion to you guys will continue forever.

Plus, I really wanted to make sure you were all still around. I’m alive, I promise.


Albert, who was featured in Sunday’s entry, was not eaten.


He was actually only visiting at the farm. We had a bunch of extra grass, so he and about fifteen other bulls hung out for a couple weeks grazing it down.

Plus, he’s an intact male so he won’t be made into beef anytime soon. Instead, he has another, very important and rather enjoyable job.

Can you guess what that job is?


I’ve been trying to convince Colby that we need to get a few pigs to raise. I love bacon and truly believe that homegrown pork is much better than the stuff in stores.

He things pigs are dumb.


Taylor, otherwise known as The Lumberjack’s Wife, tagged me in a fun little meme this weekend.

1.) What is one food you detest?


Oh and Ranch Dressing. Ranching Dressing yucks me out, every single time.

And the smell? Dis-gust-ing.

2.) What is your perfect day?

Well, right now I’m exhausted and sick of running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

So… I wish that I could sleep for twelve hours straight without the dog barking, the cat attacking my face, or Colby’s phone ringing. Then I would awake to the smell of bacon cooking on the stove.

Colby and I would spend the day doing nothing. There would be no stress, nowhere we needed to do, no work that was screaming our name. We would just spend the day talking, because honestly folks, it’s been quite a while since we’ve done that.

Justice and Cricket would exist in harmony. The weather would be a warm 65 degrees with no wind. The food would magically appear without me having to cook and the house would stay clean.

And I would rest. I just want to rest.

3.) If you could take vacation next week, where would you go?

Have I told you guys that Colby and I are going to Hawaii for my honeymoon in January? Well, we are.

And I am so stinkin’ excited.

We are staying at an all inclusive resort on the Big Island. I wish that it was January and we were already there.

4.) What are five of your favorite blogs?

Other than the Lumberjack’s Wife?

1.) Marriage Confessions

2.) Our Front Door

3.) Life with Kaison

4.) i heart faces

5.) The Amazing Trips

5.) What are your thoughts on The Facebook?

I was on facebook before facebook was cool. Really, I have been on connected since the beginning of time. I mean, 2005. Either way, me and The Facebook go back a long, long time.

I think facebook is a great resource when used properly. I love being able to keep up with my extended family and look at everyone’s pictures.

Plus, I pretty much run my photography business off facebook. It’s AMAZING how quickly world and pictures spread when you start tagging people.

But I also think that facebook has the potential to create big problems. I had a acquaintance post a picture of her smoking a joint for the world to see last week. I’ve had to delete numerous people because they started posting mean and rude things all the time. Like everything, facebook can defiantly be misused.

But I mostly like facebook.

6.) Are your parents technological goobers, like mine?

My parents are fairly good at the internet. They both have facebook accounts, know how to send an email, and can find their way around google.

But my mother one time called me early in the morning, freaking out. She said, “I’ve got an emergency!” I, of course, got really scared, because hello it was like six AM. She then continued, “My iPod is broken.” In reality, the lock button was on.

7.) If you had to choose between losing 15 pounds forever, but never wearing makeup again OR having perfect skin but putting on 15 pounds permanently… what would it be?

Can I phone a friend?

Really, this is the hardest question ever. If I was fifteen pounds lighter, I would be pretty much happy with my body… but I need makeup. Really, I’ve had terrible skin my entire life.

But there is no way that I’m putting on fifteen pounds forever. No was. I’ll take yucky skin please.

8.) What is your best recipe?

I love this recipe from Apple Crisp. I follow the directions, except I double the crust recipe.


I drove the grain cart yesterday.


And by drove, I really mean dominated. I am the best grain cart driver, ever.

(By the way, the above picture is actually a combine, which is different than a grain cart.)

I plan on posting a full, detailed recap of the first day on the job, but my eyes are growing heavy and I must submit to sleep. Just know that I didn’t run over anyone and successfully “squirted the dirt,” three times without being spotted by the inlaws.

How are you guys?



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5 responses to “Don’t worry about me; I thrive on stress

  1. Non stop here as well! Harvesting soya and corn crops…forcast for a weather change…I haven’t got happy boys!Have a great day!

  2. Such a great post 🙂

    Hope you are having a wonderfully happy day!

    K xx

  3. Maddy

    I think if my skin stayed the way it is at the moment, I’d be ok to go without makeup forever. Those extra 15 lbs is my biggest worry at the moment! As for Facebook, I have some friends that I’m seriously considering blocking from Facebook, especially since I’m starting to do a lot of business things with my account. Their wacky sense of humor and the comments they leave on my status and wall are no longer good for business.

  4. I was thinking “Man, she MUST be tired, because that is a combine.” Lol!

    I’m so jealous over Hawaii! That will be great for you two–finally some relaxation!!

  5. Thanks for the shout out. 🙂

    I want you to get pigs too! You’d have beautiful pig pictures!

    And yes – the topping of any crisp/cobbler must be doubled because it’s the best part.

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