I really <3 beef

I’m live in the country far away from civilization. I drive a big Ford pickup. Country music makes me happy and I will be wearing boots at my wedding.

I am a real life, honest to goodness future-farm wife.

Don’t expect to eat any fancy food around here. We crave simple, comfort foods. Steak and potatoes, lasagna, chili, chicken fried steak (which is actually beef), beef burritos, and BBQ are just a few of my favorites.

Needless to say, I love beef.

Meet, Albert. He spent several weeks at the farm in August.


And for some reason, I cannot get the button to work. I’ve even started over with a new post. *sigh*

Head over to i heart faces for more awesome beef pictures.



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19 responses to “I really <3 beef

  1. Sometimes you can’t beat some comfort food… 😉

  2. Beautiful…and I went with something similar! 🙂

  3. Love this shot. The processing is great!

  4. So cool! Looks like a statue.

  5. Oh my goodness, this shot is absolutely perfect for the theme. I love it!!

  6. I love Albert and this shot of him. The colors are beautiful.

  7. He’s got some spunk! I’m sure the comfort food can look great plated up, but nothing beats a nice hot meal after a days’ work 🙂

  8. Wow, this is a really great shot. Love everything about it – color, light and composition.

    Erika B

  9. I love love love love this. The colors and composition are great.

  10. Love it! That sure is interesting looking cow.

  11. That’s a great shot! I love the colors.

  12. Albert is the absolute coolest ever : )

  13. Maddy

    Wow!!! What a cool looking cow…really!

  14. hahaha… by a couple of weeks, do you mean he became steaks and burgers himself?!?!

    i have also decided i am a beef girl. i can no longer stand chicken, i could do veg- but its all about the beef!!!!

  15. he is so handsome! I’ve never seen one like that! I like the creativity of the entry!

  16. Albert looks awesome. Is he in your freezer now?

  17. Thanks for your comment on my rushed I heart beef contest. I didn’t make it to the Mr. Linky 😦 That is why my post was so screwed. Rushed dinner, out the door for soccer, home at 8:45, computer freezes, you get the picture. But thank you for your graciousness. I am going to finish my post that didn’t make it to the challenge. Hope you win the beef drawing! 🙂

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