Just by being you

Let’s run away
Where nothing stands between me and you
Let’s find a place
Somewhere a little closer to a dream
And call it a home
Where there’s no right and wrong
And we can be all alone


And I’ll take off my halo
If you take off your wings.
You don’t have to be invincible
Cause I sure ain’t no saint
You’ll always be my angel
No matter what you do,
Cause you take me to heaven just by being you


Tell me a secret
Tell me things no one else should know
Even in your weakness
Baby drop your guard just let it go
Until everything’s exposed
And you don’t have to feel ashamed
Baby just say my name


When I see you standing there
You know it all becomes so clear
The way you look
The way you touch
I need the way you lift me up
This will never feel complete
Until there’s nothing in between
And we have brought down every wall
And baby, baby, baby lets just fall


You take me to heaven
Just by being you


Let’s run away
Let’s run away

“Just By Being You” Steel Magnolia



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3 responses to “Just by being you

  1. Careful with that bus! I drive a city bus in Portland, Or. As of now, all riders must ride inside, not on top! Cool picture (s)!

  2. thelumberjackswife

    Loved the first picture!

  3. thelumberjackswife

    I tagged you in a post if you would like to participate 🙂

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