This weekend

I usually love weekends. I love sleeping in on Saturdays, going to church on Sundays, relaxing with my family, cuddling with my honey… Weekends are nice.

This weekend was a big busy.

Actually, this weekend was much more than busy- it was insane.

On Thursday, I woke up at 5:30, drove to school and took two exams. They were easy, but it was still exhausting. I then went grocery shopping at Sam’s and hurried home. I arrived home at 5:20, quickly baked a cake and packed up supplies for sandwiches. Corn harvest is on and my dinner delivering duties have resumed.


I took this picture when I arrived at the field. I fed the crew right there on the tailgate of my pickup before returning home.

On Friday, I awake to realize that we had no water. Several hours later, we learned that our water line was broken and would need to be totally re-done.

I sobbed and then I traveled to my parents for a shower. Thank God for parents.

I also had a photo shot:


And my brothers homecoming football game:

Friday Night Lights

I still don’t understand football, y’all.

On Saturday, I awoke early to travel two hours (one way) for my first dress fitting. I about died when I figured how much it would cost for alterations, ($511!) but I paid it anyway. I’m going to learn how to sew, friends.

We then hurried home for my cousin Mandy’s birthday party.


She’s fourteen. Someone decided that it would be a good idea to supply these children with noisemakers. It wasn’t.

I took another shower at my Aunt and Uncle’s house. Thank God for Aunt and Uncles.

On Sunday, I woke up early for another session. Luckily, this one was for three teenage siblings. I learned a very valuable lesson- teenagers are easier to photograph then two-year-olds.


I spent the rest of Sunday editing pictures and taking an online test.

My life is glamorous, right?

Now, I’ve got to get ready for another week.

Oh, by the way, the water line was fixed today. I shall be showering at my own home tonight.



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3 responses to “This weekend

  1. awesome football shot!!

  2. thelumberjackswife

    Fun post!
    I loved the football picture.
    Hooray for fixed water lines!

  3. Oh that’s such a bummer! At least it’s fixed. My consultant ordered the wrong size gown for me so they ordered me another that was a size too big, paid the rush shipping and gave me free alterations. I almost would have rather paid for alterations and not had the HUGE heart attack I had!

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