I’m alive, folks. Really I survived.


I made it through another busy week of school. And my tests were easy-as-pie.


I booked three photo sessions yesterday.


I booked two more today. When it rains, it really pours, right? I was forcing people to pose for portraits two months ago. I was doubting myself, doubting my ability, and doubting my dream. Now, I’ve got too much work.


Corn harvest is started. Come Monday morning, I will be a true-blue real life farm hand.

(But I won’t be wearing overalls, folks. I have my standards.)

Hallelujah, I think…


Actually, I’m really worried about this. See, I’ve never really drove a tractor by myself… much less with my future in-laws all around. They take their work very seriously. What if I run over a cow or something?!? Colby started driving the grain cart at the age of seven… Am I really expected to live up to that God given talent?

I think I’m in trouble.

And I know I’m going to have to use the bathroom sometime during the fourteen hour workday. How exactly is that going to work?!

Don’t mind me Future-Father-In-Law, I’ll just be over their squatting by the fence…

Pray for me!

In other news, there is a cake cooling in my kitchen.




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2 responses to “Hallelujah!

  1. Woo!!! So glad you did well on your tests! Enjoy harvest and good luck with your sessions! When it rains, it pours for sure!

  2. You have so much to be excited for! Congrats…but I’ll definitely be thinking about you! And I love the picture.

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