Corn harvest is in the air these days. It seems that everywhere we go, some farmer is questioning Colby about the corn.

“It going to be good this year?”
“How much longer until you boys are running?”
“Ready for harvest, yet?”

Colby smiles and nods, politely answering their questions. Farmers are funny. They seem to dance around the real answers, trying to not appear too cocky. “Well, everything looks okay right now. We should be running in two weeks, maybe three.”

In reality, he is extremely excited. He’s ready to reap the rewards of a summer of hard work. But you can’t count your chickens before they hatch.

And you shouldn’t brag about bushels before they are out of the ground, either.


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  1. Hope all goes well for you! And yes…farmers are a special breed haha. Some of the most hardworking humble men I know, and I know a few that are literally millionaires (even above all of that equipment they own!). My kind of people–still salt of the Earth no matter how successful they are. 🙂

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