My 365 Project

I have a confession, Dear Imaginary Internet Friends. It seems that I’ve been keeping a giant secret from you all for months.

(Can you believe that I don’t tell you everything? I thought I just blabbed on here endlessly all the time, right?)

Well, anyway.

Way back in June, I started my very own 365 Project. For the project, I have to take and share one picture every single day for an entire year.

I’m now on day ninety and haven’t missed one day. I share them on my photography fan page and have gathered quite the following.

I’ve even had someone tell me that she looks forwarding to seeing my new picture everyday. Isn’t that silly? But it makes me feel so dang good, too.

(Speaking of my photography fan page, I would love to share the link to it for those of you that I know aren’t totally scary weirdoes. It has my full name, phone number, and address so I might have to do a short background check before just handing it out. Ha. Not really, but I do want to make sure I “know” you before handing it out.)

Anyway, I’m going to start posting some of my Project 365 pictures. This post is meant to be a quick catch up post. I’m not going to post all the pictures, obviously but I’ll put some of my favorite from the past three months.

And I’m going to try to most of my “daily pictures” from now on.

4/365 God's artwork

Today, I marveled in God’s artwork.

9/365 Ready and Waiting

The wheat is finally almost ready for harvest.


Today, I feel in love with my new camera. It’s AWESOME. (And so were these clouds.)

47/365 It's all in the details

Today, I took a few minutes to take in the little details. It’s the small things that matter.



Today, I made friends with this big boy.
His name is Albert. 🙂


Today, I met little Eli Tuxton for his one month pictures. Isn’t he adorable?

I have many more, but you’ll have to come back later to see them.



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5 responses to “My 365 Project

  1. I sooo wish I had your talent! I LOVE to take pictures, but am not soo good at it- yet. Perhaps that will be a hobbie I take up when the kids get older and I have free time (ha!)

    Anyway, I would love to be a follower of your 365 project- I promise I am not a creeper 🙂

  2. Your work is so incredible…I’m so glad that you’re finally going to share it (your 365 pictures) with us!

  3. Beautiful photo’s ,I look in awe at your talent..and you are talented!…Yvette

  4. mayjin

    I love your pictures. You’re very gifted!

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