You’re beautiful girl

I think women (and girls too) are a little too hard on themselves.

“My hair looks bad.”
“Gosh. Why is my make-up smeared?!”
“Where did that zit come from? Ugh.”
“I look so fat!”


Really, though- you don’t. We are our own worst critics.

I can look at a picture of a friend and see her beauty shining through. Her wonderful laugh lines. Her true smile, reminding me of her sweet personality. The body of a real women… not some photo-shopped, food deprived model.

And that’s the kind of picture I want to frame… The picture of a real women.

Taylor here is a true beauty- both inside and out. She’s one of the best softball pitchers in the state, she’s a cheerleader, she plays basketball, and she’s crazy active in her church youth group. And get this- she’s ridiculously funny and has the greatest laugh.


(Did I mention that she’s my future cousin-in-law? I’m marrying into some great genes!)

Today, I want to pass on one message on this little blog. I want you to know that I think you’re beautiful… each and every one of you.


Yes, that means you. And you too. And especially you Mrs. Lumberjack- you Barbie Pirate.

Yes, even you Steve. But you might be a little more handsome then anything.

Thank you all for coming to my blog. Thank you for being such great imaginary friends. I’m so glad I have you in my life.


(And please don’t be offended if I didn’t link to you. I just quickly thought of the imaginary friends who’ve been coming to my blog for the longest. You’re all beautiful.)

the long road

Now lets all go out into the real world and be proud of ourselves. Proud of our imperfections, proud of our personalities, proud of our lives.



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10 responses to “You’re beautiful girl

  1. I LOVE THIS!! Thank you for the reminder!! You’re so awesome!


  2. What a sweet post! I completely agree, we should all be proud of who we are 😀

  3. I agree! ! Wonderful post and reminder. 🙂

  4. What gorgeous photos–she looks so vibrant and happy and healthy and confident!

    Such an important message. I feel like from such a young age we’re trained to tear ourselves down (actually I’m a fiction writer and I just wrote about this) and it’s so sad, and so damaging. We need more positive encouragement like this!

    Love your blog!

  5. Beautiful shots!!!! And a great post!!!

  6. lovely post – Thanks I needed that today 🙂


  7. It’s really funny but as I opened your post I was rubbing my chin and found a zit (and I’m nowhere near 16) and thought…aw darn, a zit! Then I read your beginning words.

    Good timing. Great post!!!

  8. I love this! It didn’t pop up into my feeder until just now. Your new cousin is gooooorgeous! I love that smile!!!

  9. christine

    I just discovered your blog a few days ago (from Belgium) and am very glad I did. I really enjoy your pictures and comments.
    I’ll make sure to visit it often!!

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