Vroom, Vroom…

Sometimes, you just take a picture that you absolutely love.

This is one of those for me:

My Boys

When Justice was just a little baby, he used to ride the tractor with Colby. He absolutely loved it. They planted twenty circles of corn together. Unfortunately, at six months old and seventy pounds, we can’t get him up into the John Deere anymore. That makes me a bit sad… but I will always love this sweet picture.

And my sweet boys.

Head over to i heart faces for more great “vroom, vroom” pictures.



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4 responses to “Vroom, Vroom…

  1. Great shot – I love the tractor.

  2. Awwwwww. I loved reading this and looking at the picture. Kaishon and I are reading Marley and Me right now… and this picture made me cry a little.

  3. I stopped by from Communal Global, but had to look at this entry too. Perfect shot for the theme. One of our dogs, full grown, is half that size, and we sometimes hold him on the tractor and lawn mower too. So cute!

  4. Aaaw.. what a sweet story. I love it! Great photo, as well! šŸ™‚

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