College Girls

Remember Ashley & Lacey?? Well, they are back and sassier then ever.


Because they are college girls now… And college girls are much more mature than high school seniors (just ask them.)

I think they might be starting to realize that my advice about university was smack on.

Of course, I could have told them that months ago…


They have learned that the book’s are insanely overpriced.

Seriously. My books average $200 a class this semester. And not one of them even has a hard cover. They are like workbooks.

I did what the logical human being would do- I refused to buy them.


We are two weeks in and neither Ashley or Lacey has skipped class yet. I think they are on the right track.

Lacey has learned a valuable lesson from her 7:30 AM class.

Don’t take 7:30 (or 8 AM) classes.


My years of complaining about parking at universities has been confirmed… much more than I would have liked. Our school closed down a giant parking area and added about a thousands students.

It isn’t pretty. In fact, I must arrive thirty minutes early to my 9 AM class and hike in from about a mile away.

(And I pay to do that too.)


Actually, I’m pretty sure I pay for air when I step on that campus. I graduated from high school in May of 2007. Since, my college tuition has increased more $1,200. How is this allowed, really? The rest of our costs aren’t going up ten percent a year (THANK GOODNESS)! How can universities justify that cost? Really?

I must stop now. Believe me, I could go on and on.

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4 responses to “College Girls

  1. These are two beautiful girls and stunning photos!!

  2. Beautiful girls, but you’re so right about college. However…I would have thought it a steal if I could have gotten my books for $200 a semester…it’s like rip off city! I did take the 8 am classes, but only because I’m a morning person and liked to get my classes done before noon and then work in the afternoon. Oh to still be in college!

  3. You know though, in the end, it is all worth it! All those insanely priced books. All those long walks. All everything. College is seriously the BEST four collective years of your life. I would advise ANYONE to go. Go and have fun. Don’t think about the money. There will be years and years and YEARS of thinking about money. Just be thankful that you are able to go to college and LIVE it UP! Every moment. You will never get back these days. They are precious!

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