Kick stress in the bootay

Don’t let stress get you down… Instead, try some of these things.



Learn to say no.


Paint a peaceful scene- in your imagination.

Walk barefoot in the grass.


Lie in a hammock.

Find someone you’re grateful to and thank them.

Like its 1999

Play a game.

Smell a rose.


Hug someone you love.

Cut back on caffeine.


Do one thing at a time.

Make a list. Then follow it.

My hunter

Play with your dog.

Tell someone a joke.

Oh my gosh

Call up an old friend.

Stop and look out the window.


Put on some music.

and of course… put up your feet.

(That’s what I plan on doing this weekend.)

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Lisa and Cecily



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3 responses to “Kick stress in the bootay

  1. Oh wow! LOVE the tractor shot and the cow/bull. And the dog made me smile 🙂 and of course the little munchkin

  2. way to represent iowa 🙂

  3. I LOVE that ford tractor shot!!!! And the dog with the grasshopper, great capture!

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