A Day in the Life (Part II)

6:00 PM- Start Earth Science class. Prepare to be blown away with the exciting nature of the class. NOT.

7:47 PM- Wonder who thought it would be a good idea to have a two hour and forty minute long science class. Really. Curse them.

But thank you God for protecting my bag this morning. That was a close one.

8:00 PM- Realize that my legs are hurting like crazy. Why do my legs hurt when I’m tired?

8:16 PM- I should be getting out of class in 29 minutes. The real question is- Will I survive?

8:33 PM- She finally stopped talking. Heck yeah. Jump up and take off as fast as possible.

8:38 PM- Pull out of the parking lot… once again wondering why my pick-up barely fits.

11:00 PM- Arrive home. Kiss my dog, who is jumping around like crazy. Hug my man. Pass out on the floor from exhaustion.

11:01 PM- Just kidding about passing out. I actually got ready for bed and am now typing up the ending to my crazy day.

Hopefully next week will be better.

Good night, all.


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