A Day in the Life (Part I)

Note that this could also be titled “The Day From Hell,” but I’m trying to be optimistic.

5:30 AM- My alarm wakes me up. I am completely stunned since I’ve only used my alarm once since May. Wonder who decided that mornings should exist. Oh wait, that was God. Maybe he knew what he was doing.

Rush around getting dressed, slapping on some make-up, and brushing my hair.

6:05 AM- Wake Justice up and take him outside…

6:10 AM- Take my backpack to my pickup. Kiss Colby goodbye and realize I forgot my earrings. Rush back into the house.

6:15 AM- Pull out of the driveway.

6:21- Hear this Shania Twain song.

Wonder if I’m totally losing it or if she sounds A LOT like Madonna. Anyone else think so?

6:29 AM- Consider turning around and going home. I could un-enroll from all my classes in about five minutes. Decide that probably isn’t the best plan I’ve ever had.

6:49 AM- Hear this song on the radio:

“Goodbye Earl” brings up a series of unrelated thoughts? 1.) How did the Dixie Chicks feel when they watched their CDs being ran over by the hundreds. Where they okay with that because they had already been paid? 2.) Why did my parents let me listen to that song?!? It’s a little bizarre. I was eleven when it came out and I wouldn’t let my eleven year old now listen to that song… (If I had one, obviously.)

7:30 AM- Pull into McDonald’s and order a Carmel frappe. (Yes, this McDonald’s is over an hour from my home… And it was the nearest one. I swear, I really do live in the middle of nowhere.)

7:54 AM- Decided that I love Sirius radio and would never make it to school without it.

8:33 AM- Pull into my university. Realize that sometime over the summer the parking went insane. Why can’t I find a spot?!

8:45 AM- Finally find a spot… that barely is big enough for my extended cab pickup. I’m in West Texas. Everyone drives pick-ups! Begin the cross-country hike to my first class.

8:53 AM- Arrive at my first class, panting. Realize that I should have worked out a little more over the summer.

9:01 AM- My Intro to Political Science class begins. I giggled inside, because it’s my last semester as a Political Science major and I will be taking an intro class.

10:17 AM- Head to my next class which happens to be in a different building.

10:27 AM- While visiting the little girls room, I realize that I left my camera bag (which is carrying my $3000 camera, my credit cards, debit card, my pick-up keys and everything else important to my financial success) in my last class. Totally freak out.

10:31 AM- About start crying when I find my bag sitting exactly where it should be.

10:34 AM- Enter my second class Statistics late. I am never late. And I’ve already taken this class once before… but I transferred so they are making me take it again. Darn you academic meanies.

11:45 AM- Finish class and call my little sister, Ashley, for lunch. Decide that it is totally insane for her to be at the same school as me… but I like it.

1:00 PM- Scramble to my next class The American Presidency. Listen to yet another full class of lecture.

3:00 PM- Earth Science Lab… Really you don’t want any more details than that… \

3:42 PM- Finish lab early. For the first time all day, I actually have a few minutes to unwind…

…to be continued.

I still have lots of day left.



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6 responses to “A Day in the Life (Part I)

  1. Sooo glad you found your camera case- I have done that before, too- it is such a scary feeling!

    This post gives me a nostalgic feeling… there’s something I love about back to school time!

  2. Thank you Marla. You’re helping me not miss my college days at all. 🙂

  3. Geez Louise! Just from all the hints you’ve been dropping that only an Oklahoman could guess, I would say I have a fairly good idea where you two live. And I must say WHAT THE CRAP. You poor thing! Driving 2 hours and some to get to a college! Chin up, sweets, it’s almost over!!!

  4. i seem to have the same thoughts about the dixie chicks.

    i do love goodbye earl though. we knew the words by heart and sang them during track warm-ups. haha

  5. I look forward to more of your days. I like the Dixie Chicks and Shania Twain, nah I don’t think she sounds like Madonna at all.

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