Goodbye, sweet summer

We’ve had a good run, summer of 2010. Good times. Memories made. Work done. But all good things have to end sometime. And tomorrow is my sometime.

I will be waking up before the sun to start my last semester of undergrad. Honestly, I’m not looking forward to it, one bit. Well, not the beginning anyway. I’ll take the end, though. Graduation will be my sweet reward.

Here are my favorite memories of this summer:

Jamey’s gameboy obsession.

Like its 1999

I might have shared this same obsession in 1999. It was quite entertaining to watch her play Pokemon like a 90’s child.

Weekends spent at the lake.

51/365 Amazing

Swimming, boating, taking sunsets walks in the evening. It was perfection and so much dang fun. (And we will be back at least once more this weekend. For sure.)

Grilling out.


There is just something so perfect about summer food.

The rain.


After ten (or twenty?) years of drought, we have been blessed with lots of rain this year. The grass is green and lush. Our crops are making record yields and the weather is beautiful.

Watching my puppy grow.


At six months, he now weighs 67 pounds. Hello, elephant-dog.

Wheat Harvest.

Storm coming in

I cooked, I rode, I made sure everyone was well taken care of. It’s nice being the food lady. Everyone gets excited when you show up with a pick-up full of warm food.

Yes, I will miss summer. But I’m looking forward to the crisp weather of fall, for the first snowfall, for my Christmas wedding, and joy of being newlyweds.

Of course, I will be spending a week in Hawaii in January. I think I can deal with some cool weather for a while.

What is your favorite season?



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7 responses to “Goodbye, sweet summer

  1. Loving the pictures from this summer…but I’m definitely looking forward to fall.

  2. Good luck at school this fall. The end is in sight! Woo-hoo!

  3. The last semester will fly by, I swear! and then you can start on your masters…muahaha!

  4. I love your tribute to summer, and that tbone is still making my mouth water 😉
    By this time of year, as a Floridian, i am done with summer and the never ending heat, it was nice to be reminded of the great parts.

  5. Love.
    LOVED this.
    Such a gorgeous post.

  6. What a lovely post. Its the first day of spring here and I am so excited. (I just wanted to bite into that corn of cob you posted)!!

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