Just Snapshots

Lately, I have found myself not picking up my camera as much for the little things. In my head, I sometimes thing, “This is nothing but I snapshot.”

And you know what? That may be true. But snapshots are just as important as perfectly planned portraits.

Actually, they may be more important because they capture an important memory that might be lost.


This picture of Sam is nothing amazing… but it will forever remind me of this stage. He isn’t quite ready to crawl, but he’s getting there. His hair is still not existent and his little thighs are so scrupulous. Next month, he will different and I want to remember him as he is today…


Jamey at eight is shy of my camera. I have to bribe her for short session and she often ducks her head, hiding from my camera.

But on her birthday she glowed. The bags of presents sitting on the coffee table had tortured her for much too long. She was so excited to see inside.


I want to remember the joy she expressed after opening a vintage Pokemon game. This summer, she developed a love for the game… much like the one that Clay and I shared in 1999. It’s quite endearing. And totally nerdy.

This may just be a snapshot, but it truly captures Jamey’s summer.


I want to remember her eight birthday cake and the way she smiled as we sang to her. This day will only happen once… Why not capture the good parts while I can?


And I don’t want to forget the love. The way Sammy snuggled into his Great-Grandpa for a bit before reaching for a pile of frosting. The way we giggled together. The way Colby held my hand during dinner. The way Jamey jumped around for hours, obviously excited.

They may just be snapshots… but they are also treasured memories.

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6 responses to “Just Snapshots

  1. Thanks for this useful information.

  2. Not fair. I must be hormonal this morning…this one got me!

  3. Hey Marla?

    You’re very good with a camera. 🙂

  4. I’m so glad you have captured these moments – I don’t call it snapshots…but life photography. Life should be captured…just as it’s happening.

  5. Sometimes the best pictures are the ones that tell the stories of real life and yours do just that.

  6. makenzie

    Jamey is getting so old!! She looks so much older than when I first started reading your blog. Crazy!

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