The Red, White, & Blue

Sometimes when I edit a picture, I can’t really figure out which version I like best. The following three pictures are separate edits of the exact same shot… I’m pretty sure I love each one of them equally.



Black & White:


Or sepia:


Which one is your favorite?



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13 responses to “The Red, White, & Blue

  1. The color (first) version. I love how much the regal colors of the American flag stand out against the “sadness” of the weathered appearance of the building. Sort of alludes to how the USA stands strong no matter what we’re faced with!!!

    Gorgeous photo! By the way, Marla, what kind of camera do you shoot with? I’m on the hunt for my first DSLR and right now am considering a Nikon d5000. Thanks in advance for any input! :0)

    ~C @

  2. I love all of them too for different reasons but I think my favorite is the color shot. It’s still vintage but I love seeing the color.

  3. okay I am like you – I can’t pick
    they all look great in their own way –
    great job

  4. Color. The red, white and blue just aren’t as significant when they aren’t in color.

  5. Color is my favorite… Although I do really really love the black & white! Beautiful.

  6. In that picture, I like the color the best. There’s not alot of color in the picture and the red and blue jumps out.

  7. Like everybody else, I like the color one best. The antiquing you did with it looks awesome!!

  8. I like the color one best followed by the black & white. The sepia one doesn’t have as much visual pop as the first two.

  9. Awesome pics- I love the color one the best!

  10. houndblogger

    Color. I love, love, love the tone of almost every color photo you take. It’s … dreamlike.

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