Jamey’s eight birthday is tomorrow…


My family has a tradition that the birthday boy or girl gets to pick what we have for dinner on their big day. My mom questioned Jamey and this was her menu: stroganoff hamburger helper, corn on the cob, macaroni & cheese like grandma used to make it, and rolls.

She has very refined tastes, right?

What would your special celebration dinner include?



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6 responses to “Celebrate

  1. She has excellent taste with the corn on the cob! :0) Mine would also include corn on the cob, with a nice slab of fresh fish straight from one of our beautiful Minnesota lakes. Yum!

    ~Chrissy @ http://americancowgurl.wordpress.com

  2. My dinner would sound a lot like Jamey’s! Happy 8th birthday, Jamey!!! They grow up so fast…

  3. Melanie

    Oh, yum, that would have to be my mom’s fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and cream (milk) gravy, soft yeast rolls. Vegetables are optional, but I wouldnt mind some buttery corn. She didn’t mention dessert, but I’d love some dark chocolate cake with ganache frosting….. MMMM, truly homestyle, decadent food!!! Too bad my birthday is months away. Maybe I’ll maek it for my half-birthday!!!

  4. ohhh, i like too much food to choose, but i know it would include my grandma’s mac & cheese as well 🙂

  5. I think she chose well. 🙂

    We have the same tradition. I chose sushi this year.

  6. Hamburger Helper. LOVE that : )

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