A tour of the Patsy Cline

It is time for the long-awaited tour of my parent’s fancy lake house. Please prepare to be amazed by its marvelous beauty.

Actually, ignore everything I’ve told you about the Patsy Cline. She’s a little rough around the edges and you probably better prepare yourself to be shocked by the level of redneck that exists here at the farm. I have never claimed to live a glamorous life.

Have you heard Toby Keith’s new song, “Trailerhood?”

“My neighbor Carl, he lives next door
Pink flamingos on his porch
At night he teaches driving school
And he sits out by his plastic pool
He takes off his shirt and he opens up a cold one
Ol’ Carl Dean’s a fool, but it takes one to know one

Music’s playing up and down the block
Mostly christian, blues, country, folk,and southern rock
It’s a little piece of paradise way out here in the woods
There’s always something going on down in the trailerhood

Across the street there’s Gambling Jane
who’s always got the poker game
If you care to try your luck
you can buy a seat for 15 bucks
You can call to raise or you can check and fold ’em
I like five card stud, but it’s mostly Texas hold ’em”

Well, that song was written about my the Patsy Cline and our “trailerhood.”

Let’s begin the tour:


When you arrive at the Patsy Cline, you will be amazed by the amazing porch. This is where life happens at the lake, where memories are made, and where my brothers sleep. The entire porch and yard area is fenced in… This is mighty convent when one has a Bullmastiff puppy whose goal in life is to become friends with every other dog in the world.


This deck table and chairs is actually the only thing that my parents purchased when they bought the Patsy Cline… Everything else came with her.

In these parts, one isn’t judged by their house size or the quality of their furniture. Instead, it’s all about the porch area… Oh yes, garages are important, too.


And the Patsy Cline has a very nice garage. This is actually much of the reason that my parents decided they needed a trailer house at the Lake. See, they had been renting a storage place for their boat for several years. We also have a camper that we rarely used because it was so expensive to pull to the lake. My parents are actually saving money now that they can store the boat at the house and stay there, too. It’s a win-win situation.

Follow me inside the trailer, please.


This is the living/kitchen area. Colby and I sleep on this pull out bed. It’s not comfortable at all, but it is located directly across from the window AC unit. We value cool air!


The kitchen in the Patsy Cline is much more useful than the one in our camper. Everything in the camper was teeny-tiny and not very efficient for a large family.


Next is Jamey’s room. She sleeps on an air mattress because it was the only thing that would fit in the tiny space.

Sometimes she complains about being hot in there. At times like that, I explain to her how the AC in a tent works… Oh wait, there is no air conditioner in a tent!

Between Jamey’s room and my parents’ room is the bathroom. For some reason, I don’t have a picture of its splender… This room is actually where our neighbors got the name Patsy Cline for our trailer. Apparently, Ms. Cline grew up in a tiny trailer house with a pink shower. Well, guess who else has a pink shower? Yep, that would be us. Aren’t we so lucky?


This is my parents room. They actually have the best bed, which is actually located right in front of another window unit. It’s cozy in there. One day, I’m going to sneak into there room and take over.

Or not. I kinda need to respect the owners of the property, right?

Thank you for making it through the entire tour. I know the Patsy Cline isn’t the prettiest thing ever, but we always have a great time there. And it beats the heck out of sleeping in a tent or driving two hours home after a long day at the lake.

I promise to be classy tomorrow. And the pictures will be much prettier.



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4 responses to “A tour of the Patsy Cline

  1. That totally looks like every trailer I’ve ever been in on the lake! …us teachers can’t afford many fantsy things 🙂

  2. My parents had a very similar trailer house at the lake for years. Eventually they went ahead and invested in a house out there but I have many fond memories of trailer life. It’s where Rich and I met :).

  3. I love your little lake retreat! I’m sure you could tell us endless fond memories of time spent there.

    Will we get to see pictures of the lake also? :0)

  4. Who needs classy for a lake house? I would love to have any lake house! And, time to go there! Or, the discipline to make time? Anyway, sounds like a great place to make memories!

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