On Funerals

Cryin' for me

1.) Last Friday, one of Colby’s great uncles passed away. His funeral was on Monday afternoon. I had only met Gary once, but he was a great man- full of laughter and always wanting to work.

2.) His sons spoke at the memorial service. It was so good that I alternated between tears and laughter for the entire funeral. Gary has been fighting pancreatic cancer since October. We honestly thought he would be gone before summer ever arrived. Instead, he fought on, remaining optimist the entire time.

3.) There were also two other funerals that I could have attend in the last week. That’s the thing about small towns, you know everyone and you find yourself mourning the loss of every person that passes. Because they are obviously your best friends’ cousin’ step-brother’s aunt. And they were nice to you. I didn’t go to those other two funerals though. I’m not a huge fan of funerals.

4.) I would have absolutely bawled the entire time, too. It’s not that I’m crying for those that are gone. I know that they are heaven. Gary is playing golf with Jesus now. I cry for the families left behind. The loved ones who have to figure out how to go on without their husband, father, grandpa, and friend. Gary and his wife were married for forty-five years. Their sixteen-year old, twin daughter’s spent the summer with them, watching the love between them as she helped to take care of him. They said it best, “It was the greatest love story we will ever see.”

5.) I’m about to cry again.

6.) I hope I don’t have to go to another funeral for a long time.

Love forever,




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8 responses to “On Funerals

  1. Linda Mc


    Your post touched me deeply. I hope you don’t have to go to any more funerals for a long time.


  2. Getting posts from your blog is one of the better parts of my day.


  3. Yes, funerals just plain aren’t fun. But you make an excellent point about being sad for the ones left behind. And that’s what funerals are all about, right? To help the ones left behind?

    Hope you have an excellent day, full of happiness, laughter, sunshine… and no tears. :0)

    Chrissy @ http://americancowgurl.wordpress.com

  4. celebrate life and take it as a life lesson to live the life you’ve always wanted.

  5. Amen, Marla… and lots of hugs too.

    My Grandma is progressively getting worse, I can’t imagine the void that will be remain when she passes. The best story I’ve heard is my Mom sneaking in some Bud Light Chelada’s and burgers to her last weekend- they toasted to her. I wish I could have been there to toast to her as well!

  6. *hugs* So sorry. I just feel miserable after funerals. So sad for the loss of life and the sadness that the family is feeling. I can’t take it.

    Just remember the happy times.

  7. Stephen

    Ah,,,,Marla. Sorry.

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