Repeat after me… October 2

I’m getting married on December 23, 2010.

Most of you probably knew that… but sometimes I still like screaming it at the top of my lungs. It’s absolutely amazing and oh so exciting.

I’ve still got about a million things to do before the big day though. Gifts to buy, DJs to books, flowers to pick out, twenty pounds to lose.

Yes, I did say twenty pounds. Before October 2.

That’s when my first dress fitting is scheduled and I want to look my best by then. After that, I plan on maintaining my same size so the dang thing fits perfectly.

In the last nineteen months, I have been so mean to my body. I was a size four when Colby and I went on our first date. I had toned legs and didn’t understand where love handles even came from. It was pathetic.

And I was also starving myself. I was a poor college student who survived on $15-20 a week for groceries. I ate nothing. Seriously. In health class I had to document how many calories I consumed in a week. I was surprised to find out that I ate between 800-1000 calories a day. It wasn’t healthy, but I wasn’t really hungry. I had trained myself to live of a bowl of oatmeal and a sandwich. I also had to take a two-hour nap every day and was likely very anemic.

When I moved home for the summer, my eating habits changed dramatically. There was suddenly food and I eventually stressed my stomach out and started eating fresh meat again. I suddenly had more energy and was feeling much better.

My love

But then I started to pack on pounds. Actually, I’m not sure how much I weight I gained because I don’t weigh myself. Seriously. I don’t have a scale and I don’t “check-in” on my weight. Instead, I just watch my clothing size. When things aren’t fitting properly, I realize that something is up. This obviously isn’t always the best thing to do, because my size 6 jeans were no longer fitting in August. Before long, my new size 8 jeans weren’t fitting either. For the first time in my entire life, I was in double digits.

Things haven’t gotten any better since then, folks. I love my man, but he loves to feed me. We weren’t long, weird hours and at the end of the day, he would rather take me out for dinner than have me cook something. This winter, we ate our more than we ate at home and it was always huge meals. Colby would drive to my college town in the middle of the weak to take me to a fancy dinner.

I love him. I love to eat. But I don’t love having a tire around my middle.

So- In hopes of getting my weight gain under control and my body shaped up, I vow to do the following:

1.) Work out to Jillian Michaels’ Thirty Day Shed at least four times in the next week. Jillian and me are buds and she knows how to make me burn.

2.) Eat out at most three times in the next week. When I eat out, feel free to not eat everything. I have a problem with finishing whatever is put in front of me. That really isn’t responsible and not necessary at all.

3.) When I want to sneak a cookie, remind myself “October 2, Marla. October 2!”

Any advice for me, guys?




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12 responses to “Repeat after me… October 2

  1. thelumberjackswife

    Hey-did you copy and paste the code into the html part of your post?

  2. From a girl who dieted for 10 years and then am now trying to piece myself back together…read ‘Women Food and God’…please I beg of you.

  3. This is supposed to be the best time of your life, don’t stress about it too much and enjoy your engagement!!

    But, I hear you! My advice is everything you’ve heard before. Drink water- only water- with a lemon. I am cutting out alcohol for a while because I have had way too much fun this summer and I like beer- good, full-bodied beer! Count your calories and measure your food, it’s really the only way. And walking around the farm with Colby every night sounds pretty good too!

  4. thelumberjackswife

    Good luck! I remember putting on weight in college-I think our metabolism slows down a bit. I am so excited for your wedding coming up!
    You can do it!!
    If you need a plan to follow (i always need a plan), then Weight Watchers is good because it teaches you how many points are in all foods and you can still eat out-you just have to adjust.
    My code might be working now-thank you so very much for linking up! It made my heart sing!

  5. For easier, and more long-term, results… try puting only good, “whole” foods in your body. If it comes in a box, DON’T eat it! :0) Fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats prepared with little to no additives, etc… Less is more in this case! (And don’t deny yourself a good piece of chocolate now and then… every girl needs one once in awhile! hehe)

  6. Jillian KICK’S MY BUTT.

    I tried her once, she killed me 5 minutes in because I learned I can’t do jumping jacks because I have high arches and they scream.

    So I cried.

    And quit.

    And joined a gym instead.

    So you go do Jillian and kick some butt!!

  7. Sounds like we both have some serious goals. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I’m looking forward to our success chucking this weight!

  8. Just exercise and make better food choices! That’s all it really boils down to. Down eat too much less, just eat better fuel. Veggies & fruits instead of my beloved potato chips. Chicken & fish instead of steak & burgers. Etc. It kind of stinks, but it’ll be worth it!

  9. You can do it!…positive attitude,exercise and healthy eating…You Will do it! You have a great goal to work towards..your wedding day.

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