Please, rain on my parade…

Once upon a time there was a girl and a farmer. The two were totally and completely in love. Their idea of a good Friday night consisted of driving around the country in a big Ford pick-up. They would hold hands while cruising around checking sprinklers.

Okay, obviously the girl is me. Who else would enjoy riding around in a dirty pick-up at the end of a long week?

And honestly, I don’t really like checking sprinklers… but it’s pretty much an essential part of life. We live in a semi-arid part of the country. Our sole source of income comes from the ground. If Mother Nature decides to go crazy, things will not be pretty. I might lose my internet connections… and my house… and my pretty pick-up truck. And my dog eats A LOT of food. Going broke would be not so fun.

Anyway, so we were driving around the farm, making sure that the irrigation systems were all working. The corn is climbing rapidly and looking awesome.

It might be our best harvest ever.


We watched as big, fluffy, blue clouds moved over our area. They were beautiful, but we didn’t get our hopes up. It’s cloudy here a lot, but rarely actually rains. When it does, we get excited… Remember, as Luke Bryan says “Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey, whiskey makes my baby get a little frisky.

The temperature continues to drop as the storm rolls in. Before long, it is a comfortable 65 degrees.

Suddenly, rain starts pouring down in big sheets. Colby smiles. I smile. Life is good. We are happy.


And everything is beautiful. Rain reminds me of all good things in the agriculture. Green crops, fresh dirt, baby animals, big green tractors, and plentiful harvests.


Rain can fall on my parade any day. I’ll be the one jumping around like an idiot, dancing around in my good shoes, loudly singing, “I’m singing in the rain…”

Life is all about attitude and I’m not going to let a little water ruin my day.


Plus, it’s just so dang pretty.

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10 responses to “Please, rain on my parade…

  1. What a fantastic post and beautiful pictures!

    Driving around in a pick up sounds like a little slice of bliss to me. 🙂

  2. Great photo’s…we’ve had rain and thunderstorms also this week…hopefully some sunny Summer days arrive soon…

  3. I am enjoying your blog and pictures. I grew up on a farm in Nebraska. Moved off the farm in 1969 though I never really “left” the farm.

  4. I love this and especially the last picture (beautiful!). I can’t wait till my husband is out of the army and we can go make our home somewhere way out where even a little rain makes our day. Such a sweet post.


  5. gorgeous – here’s to a happy harvest

  6. Dang it, that song gets stuck in my every time!

    We’ve had so MUCH rain this year some of the corn drowned. Too bad there isn’t a way to direct clouds to where you want them to go so we could all share.

  7. I love that last picture. So simple, but so cool!

  8. thelumberjackswife

    great post and great pictures! next time, get out and dance in the rain 🙂

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