The Crazy

I have done it again and let my life get all crazy. I suspect that I actually exist better when things are all jumbled and confused. Really. I do. The crazy just seems to seep into me and before long I’m grumpy and behind on everything. Here’s some examples:

1.) My washing machine has been broken for over three weeks. It’s a fancy unit that was over $1000 dollars when it was purchased two years ago. We waited around for a washing-machine fixer, thinking it was under warranty, only to find yesterday that it wasn’t. Suddenly, Sears is saying that the error code that keeps coming up doesn’t exist. (Because I totally go around making up error codes on my washing machine. Don’t you do that?) They claim that we’ve been using the wrong detergent and that if we switch to a high efficient kind everything will suddenly be wonderful and that the clouds would part and angels would start singing.

Well, guess what? They were wrong. It washed one load and the error code was back up again. I am so tired of not being able to wash clothes. It’s driving me insane. Plus, I’m very unimpressed with Sears’ customer service and my fancy POS washing machine.

2.) I’m currently enrolled in a class called “Principals of Emergency Management.” It is an upper level political science class that I’m taking solely because it’s the only upper level Pol-Sci class offered this summer. Last week, I took two separate FEMA safety courses online. I think I might now be licenced to respond to emergencies.

One problem- I don’t want to respond to an emergency. I’ve taken First Aide and CPR twice and still can’t remember how many chest compressions to breaths one is supposed to take when reviving someone. I really don’t think I would be very helpful in an emergency. But here I am… learning about reception and care of victims. There is even a detailed section in my book detailing what to do with dead bodies after a mass casualty. I didn’t sign up for this kind of stuff. It freaks me out and makes me a little crazy.

3.) We still haven’t gone anywhere. After harvest, I was supposed to go on a wonderful vacation where I could relax in the mountains. We have been waiting around (for weeks) for manure spreaders to come spread cow poop over the wheat fields. I’m not making this up. After harvest, we have to get the fields cleaned up and ready for planting. Well, the manure is plowed into the ground, making the land perfect for future wheat growth.

I was seriously starting to think that the poop boys didn’t really exist. But they showed up today. Within’ hours, they had some kind of mechanical difficulty and were broke down. Of course, right?

4.) My puppy is currently sleep barking. Yes, it’s true. And this fact seems to cancel out all the other crazy things going on and makes me smile.

My pup



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4 responses to “The Crazy

  1. I can’t belive how big Justice is getting!

    Sorry about all the mechanical difficulties in your life right now…

  2. Well I guess we should be thankful for the big things since the little things keep breaking or need tweaking.
    I hope your washer gets fixed soon and your picture is so serenely peaceful!

  3. Man he’s adorable. And big!! 🙂

  4. Ha! that’s funny, my dog does that too and sleep runs too!


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