Over my head

Yesterday, I had a very interesting day. I had a Senior Session in a town about two hours away. I love Senior Sessions. They are so fun and my absolute favorite.

But this one was challenging. In total, I drove 224 miles. The high yesterday was 106 degrees. We walked through weeds, sweating our butts off. I shot for over four and a half hours. I was attacked by mosquitos and at one point, I almost stepped on a real live, mad rattlesnake.

(And that caused a lot of jumping and screaming. My heart is still pumping from that experience.)

When I arrived home at 2:20 AM, I smiled though. Because I knew that I had captured a lot of really great experiences.

I loved this location… even if it was invested with dangerous wildlife.


This weeks theme at i heart faces is “Over my head.” Well, I think this counts since the window is over his head, right? Head over to i heart faces to check out more creative (and beautiful) entries.



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8 responses to “Over my head

  1. love the colors and tones….great job!

  2. thelumberjackswife

    Nice work . . . as usual! πŸ˜‰

  3. Love this!

    My heart is pumping at your rattlesnake story – way scary!

  4. Such a casual country feel—makes me think of George Strait—which is a good thing in my book!

  5. I seriously love this picture. You did a wonderful job! Outstanding!

  6. Maria

    The hassards with photography πŸ™‚ Great location and a fantastic shot though!

  7. Just wonderful! Love the hat!

  8. very nice….what us crazy photographers will do for the perfect shot lol! glad it all turned out well ❀


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