Beauty all around us

Photography has taught me a lot about beauty. I used to think of beauty as something formal, something all “done up” and posed. Now I realize that real beauty is much more than that.

I am constantly looking (and finding) beauty around me… Sometimes it’s obvious. Other times it is much more unexpected.

Beauty is the relationships between people. The smile of two sisters, the hugs of a couple, the love in a mother’s eye.


Beauty is in the little things. The moments that make you smile. The memories that one wants to bottle up and remember forever.


Beauty is diversity. The uniqueness of a smile. The things that make us each different and oh so special.

Crystal & boys

Beauty is in the miracles that happen around us everyday. The fact that the sunrises each morning and sets at night. The things that happen that we just can’t explain.


Beauty is joy, like dancing across the kitchen floor singing your favorite song. Smiling at a joke, laughing with a friend, and getting caught up in the moment.


Beauty is often found in nature. So often I look at the great beauty around me, smile and think, “Yes, there is a God.” Because there is no way that all this happened on accident.

Amber waves of grain

Where do you find beauty?



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4 responses to “Beauty all around us

  1. I think those of us in the country have it good–we get to see God’s handiwork up close and personal every day.

  2. Beauty, when you stop looking at it formally, it means that you are open to the true beauty of life.

  3. I find beauty in your photos and all around me!

  4. Hey I really love your photos, I really like the one with your dog next to the tree, the shadows are amazing, well done!

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