But I’m gonna smile.

Oh Monday. I hate Mondays… especially Monday morning. I hate forcing myself out of bed. I hate trying to get motivated. I hate watching Colby walk out the door.


My fancy washing machine broke last week. I might have to load up two weeks of laundry and take it to my mom’s house to wash. The thought alone annoys me.

2/365 Bammer

The vacuum cleaner’s belt fried in April. It’s fancy too and has some kind of ten-year warranty. Well, they don’t sell new belts to anyone and you have to call the company to get a new one. Well, they won’t send us one. It’s July, people!

(Did I mention that I have a cat and dog who love to play with bugs? They attack them, bring them in the house, and then spread their little bug parts all over the house. Yuck.)

And I can’t vacuum.

(But I have a couple of times… I just have to borrow my moms. Don’t think that our floors are that dirty.)


I did Jillian Michael’s Thirty Day Shred for the second consecutive time last night. Now I can barely lift my arms. It hurts.

Jillian is a mean lady. Mean, mean, mean…

(But’s she’s got my best interest at heart, right?)


Sometimes, I feel like everything around me going crazy and that my life is falling apart. But really, it isn’t. I’m a lucky girl. I’m blessed. And I have nothing important to worry about.

So I’m going to keep on smiling. Keep my head up when I want to complain. Be the light in someone’s life. Encourage others. Be positive. Just keep swimming.

Here’s the deal- I want each of you to name three good things that make you smile…. I’ll start:

1.) Sir Justice… He really loves me.

Real farm dog

2.) This picture…

Storm coming in

And the fact that this entry made it on the front page of wordpress on Friday.

3.) And this man.

My boys

He’s my rock. My constant. My sunshine.

(And this picture just melts my heart. Look at that tiny puppy!)

Your turn. Give me three things that make you smile.



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9 responses to “But I’m gonna smile.

  1. lama

    it’s very nice to visit your blog and it’s very fascinating.

  2. 1) Being on summer vacation and sleeping in.
    2) County fair coming up in two weeks.
    3) Leftover Strawberry Shortcake Cake (PW’s recipe) in the fridge!

  3. This is a good question Marla, not because it’s difficult, but because you’re restricting us to just the three!

    Ok, three things that make me smile:

    1. When my favourite football (soccer) team win, or win something (like recently *big grin*)

    2. When my girlfriend chases me around our flat because I’ve done something to annoy her

    3. When I’m by the sea, which is very often living in-land, but I find it so relaxing, and thought provoking…

    Simon @ http://simplesimonsaid.wordpress.com/

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  5. sherene

    my son
    my husband
    and internet connection!:))

  6. 3 things – so many choices

    1. My husband when he walks through the door every afternoon after being at home
    2. My puppy – he is always so happy to see me
    3. Spending time with my family and friends – anytime and anywhere

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  8. Emily

    My doggy. She’s 11 but still a puppy at heart. =)
    Cute text messages.
    Nature. Its beauty always takes my breath away!

    Best wishes from Sweden!

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