Summer is…

Swimming pools

Cloudy skies

Staying up late & sleeping in


Camping trips

Flip flops

Puppy kisses

Bug bites


The smell of fresh cut grass



And cut off jeans


Relaxing & Hectic

Too short & too long



Snow-cone stands

And being brave enough to jump of the diving board…


Thank you to all my new viewers. It pretty awesome to watch your sight views climb by 1000%. I got the chance to say, “Sorry, honey. I can’t cook supper today… I’m too busy becoming internet famous.

Well, not really on that last part. But you really should stick around. I try to be nice.



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9 responses to “Splash

  1. thelumberjackswife

    How exciting about all the hits!! 🙂
    Love these pictures! You captured summer! 🙂

  2. I love a spike – where did yours come from?

    Great processing on these. They feel very 70’s.

  3. Have just discovered your blog by the “Freshly Pressed” highlights. Congratulations from Brazil!

    Descobri o seu blog pelos destaques do “Freshly Pressed”. Meus parabéns, direto do Brasil!

  4. Congratulations on your new found popularity and because you asked so nicely, I shall subscribe 🙂

    Great pictures. Does that part of the US ALWAYS look like a tornado’s round the corner??


  5. Having been there for your first post and every one since, let me just say this. As your writing, photography, and blog in general have blossomed, it has made me smile the entire time. Congrats!

  6. twopeasblog

    Great pictures! Your blog is very interesting. We’ll be coming back. 😉

  7. Now this just here to make me jealous, right? These are great…making me miss the sunshine 😦

    Beautiful photos.

    K xx

  8. Hi! Thanks for giving me a new view of this vast blue planet of ours. I am country girl myself, but from quite far away from you. It is not so very different here, just smaller scale and different schedule, I guess. Great photos, I´ll be back for more. Have a great summer. T from Finland

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