I heart Oklahoma

I was born and raised in Oklahoma… It’s where I belong, where my soul is happy, and where I hope to live the rest of my days.


I live in a place where you help your neighbors. You can’t drive down a dirt road without someone waving. Everyone’s friendly and watches out for each other.

And you better believe that they will call and tell your parents if you’re acting dumb in public.


Sometimes, we have weird weather… but God always provides.

(By the way, these first pictures were taken with my new Canon 5D Mark II last night. I heart it, too.)

I live in a place where we work for a living, slaving in the hot summer sun and praying for rain.


It may be hard work, but it’s honest and natural. And usually pays the bills.

If it doesn’t, God will take care of that, too.

9/365 Ready and Waiting

I live in a place where we sit and wait for the crops to be ready. Where people call and ask, “What’s your wheat making?” They always expect you to say, “Not too bad,” even when you’re making your best yields ever.

Whatcha looking at?

I live in a place where there is more cows than people and you have to drive two hours to the mall. But I wouldn’t change a thing.

It’s my home.



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20 responses to “I heart Oklahoma

  1. I love Oklahoma. I love that our family is here, that we grew up here, that we’ll always have roots here. But I also can’t wait to see what the world has to offer us, either! Love those photos. Goodness, that camera is paying off beautifully already! Those rainclouds in the background are to DIE for!

  2. You should be a Realtor. You’re convincing me!

  3. What amazing photos….I love them. And you can definitely come visit if I can come see that beautiful part of the country you live in. πŸ™‚

  4. just beautiful… your connection to the land is like mine to growing up on the ocean.

  5. Wow… I heart Oklahoma too!! And I heart very much your photos, breathtaking!!!!

  6. thelumberjackswife

    I have never been to Oklahoma . . . I do love the movie though πŸ™‚

  7. Beautiful pics! And Congrats on your upcoming wedding . . . that’s so exciting! Also . . . I’m green with envy over that new camera of yours . . . I’m still dreaming.
    Happy Day Marla!

  8. sherene

    I grew up in a farm as well, so I can relate on that.:))

  9. I grew up in a small town in the hills of eastern Kentucky, in coal country, but I know exactly what you mean about waving at strangers and folks calling your parents if you act up in public. I hated that kind of scrutinity when I was a kid, but, honestly, it kept me out of trouble.

  10. Pam D

    Can I send my boy to you for a few weeks? He’s a bit soft, but I feel sure you could take care of that. :<) I really love your landscape photos; did you particpate in Pioneer Woman's landscape contest? Maybe she'll do one just for Oklahoma… or one of just farms. You could win with those pics!

  11. FABULOUS post!! That is why I had to come back to Iowa, it is where my soul belongs. Though I have always been a “city girl” by Iowa standards, I love the fact that you pass corn and bean fields to get to my house. I role down the windows and breathe very deep- even if it doesn’t smell great to others- I love it.

    Great photos- and I absolutely LOVE the picture of the wheat! You seriously need to set up a shop to sell those prints!!!!

  12. Farming is a lot of work, but it can be very rewarding. πŸ™‚

    Great pictures. You really capture it.

  13. wow really gorgeous photography! Keep it up girl! You really have the eye!

  14. I really like the way your landscape photos show a small object in the midst of the scenery—gives the whole shot an expansive feel….

  15. Amy

    It’s such a creative way to tell your stories with stunning beautiful photos. Your stories reflect the small life of farmers and small town people, but photos enable readers to fanaticize… Really, really brilliant.

  16. It’s such a creative way to tell your stories with stunning beautiful photos. Your stories reflect the lives of farmers and small town people, but photos of the open field, wheats, cow,… enable readers to fanaticize… Really, really brilliant! Thank you!

  17. awesome pictures i always dreamed of the country life thank you for sharing it. i live on only one acre and have 8 chickens, 2 pekins and 2 dogs. your life seems so filled with beauty.

  18. Wow. Amazing landscapes. Since you’re from west of the Atlantic, you might like these, too: http://transatlanticdiablog.wordpress.com/2010/07/15/offer-of-the-week-the-silent-view/

  19. A

    Sweet home Oklahoma πŸ™‚ I’m from the Tulsa area (suburb about 20 minutes north of Downtown), born and raised! I love your pictures, it depicts Oklahoma the best way possible! And you described our people the best way possible! Hardworking, humble and genuine!

  20. Amazing pictuers, what a place to live in!
    And the way you describe even the little odd things is so full of love and joy.
    Lovely blog πŸ™‚

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