There once was a girl…

…who had too much on her plate.

One morning, she woke up bright and early to drive two hours to the big city to go wedding dress shopping. She was excited and had barely slept the night before. She was poked and prodded for two hours before she finally settled on her dream dress. Of course, then the real fun began. Dresses had to be picked out for five bridesmaids and two flower girls. There was a small amount of drama, a lot of giggled, and one proclamation of “I need ice cream,” but they finally all settled on something.

They then all left the bridal establishment and begin to shop in another store in the big city. Things were more complicated though, because the girl was now in charge of her small sister.


The little girl wasn’t really a fan of shopping and was ready to go home. After several hours, they finally climbed back into their pick-up and headed back to their small town. They arrived home well after dark and the girl collapsed into her bed where she slept soundly for ten hours.

The next day, the girl had to go back to the big city for an eye doctor appointment. Isn’t it sad that anyone would have to drive one-hundred and twenty miles (one way) to get their eyes checked? The poor girl had a hard life that was full of driving though and she set off calmly, vowing to make the best of the day.

The Road Less Traveled

The road was long and boring… especially since her only companion was the little girl who set in the backseat, playing her GameBoy, refusing to entertain her sister. Eventually they arrived and the following happened:

  • The girl had her eyes checked… She was poked and prodded again. Without warning, her doctor reached up and grabbed her contacts right out of her eyes. The girl had to keep from dying right there.
  • The girl went to another store (across town) to purchases a new pair of glasses. Unfortunately, the seven-year old provided little fashion advice and the girl finally just grabbed a pair that she thought looked less dorky than the others.
  • The girl was told that there would be an hour wait for the glasses. She decided to go to yet another store to buy new jeans. And then they went to a pet store where they watched these beauties:
  • Birds

  • Finally, they returned to the eye-glasses store and picked up her purchases.
  • Next they visited the local WalMart where they waited for forty-five minutes for the girl’s future mother-in-laws prescription. The girl bought a workout DVD and hand weights in hope of looking better in the wedding dress.

Finally, they set off for home, once again traveling the long road back to their small town. When they arrived home, the girl was excited to find that her brand new, shiny camera had arrived. It was perfect and beautiful. The girl decided that all her hardship had been worth it to finally have the camera of her dreams in her hands.

When everything should have been perfect, she realized that she didn’t have the right memory card for the new device. It would be useless until she drove back to the big city to purchase one. And the girl died right then.

(Or she called her parents and begged them to buy her a memory card on their way home from vacation. And they did.)

(P.S.- I’m an idiot.)

(P.P.S.- I’m sorry you had to read all that.)



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5 responses to “There once was a girl…

  1. Sounds reminiscent of my couple of days! Very busy and lots and lots of driving!! Oh the things we do when we live in a small town, huh?

    I need new glasses pronto. Let’s see your less dorky glasses! I need some inspiration!

  2. thelumberjackswife

    Guess what. I can now totally identify with that! See! We are now kindred spirits! 🙂

  3. sherene ruiz

    Hi Marla, greetings from the Philippines! I was just trying to read blogs online and luckily I ended up to yours. Nice cat, dog, corn and wheat fields u guys have there..I’m looking forward for your dream wedding with your dream man. Consider me a fan of your blog from now on. Thanks.
    By the way, call me Sherene and if you have time you can know me better at If you’re open to idea of having a friend in the Philippines. Thanks..

  4. sherene ruiz

    I forgot to mention you have great pics.:))

  5. oh my goodness! I love this story! -and the pix on the Done post are superb. Thank you for sharing your life with us. There are no strangers -just friends we haven’t met just yet…

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