Things that make me smile

I like to smile. And I like to write posts about things that make me smile. It’s my way.

1.) Hot apple crisp with ice cream. I use this recipe, but I double the crust. It’s delicious.

And there is some in the oven right now.

2.) Views like this:

4/365 God's artwork

God’s artwork is the best. Seriously. I can’t compete, but I can try to capture it.

3.) This kid and the fact that we started reading the first Harry Potter book together.


I love Harry Potter and I love the fact that she enjoys reading.

4.) Big green tractors.


They are just so pretty. And big. And they support my ridiculous photography habit, feed my gigantic dog, and pay for my internet connection. It’s time that I showed some love for John Deere.

5.) And then there is Colby.

My boys

He makes me smile the most.

And so does this picture of baby Justice.

Smile today for me.



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6 responses to “Things that make me smile

  1. A beautiful post, thanks for the smile!

  2. That view is absolutely AMAZING! Is that a picture of your daughter? She is so cute! thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and commenting!! I’m subscribing today! I love your writing.


    • Marla

      Thank you. She’s my baby sister. I was fourteen when she was born. I look forward to getting to know you better. 🙂

  3. 1. I have an amazing recipe for apple/rhubarb crisp, yum!!

    2. Yay for sky pictures! I really need a better camera to capture ones like you!

    3. I am currently re-reading HP3 and listening to HP1 for the first time on CD… I know I’m a dork! 🙂

    Happy Thursday!

  4. thelumberjackswife

    Thanks for sharing the crisp recipe-I bookmarked it. I am always looking for a good crisp recipe! 🙂

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