Because I can’t make decisions on my own.

I want a new camera bag. My current camera bag is manly and a bit ugly. I want something cute and spunky.

Plus, I carry my camera everywhere. I would love something that is multi-functional. I want something that I can put my camera in, a few lenses, and my essential personal items in and go.

I think I found the perfect shop. Jo’s Totes makes cute and functional camera bags. Plus, they are quite affordable.

I’m in love… but I need help. I have to choose just one. (Even though I kinda want every single one of them… in all the colors.)

This one is my favorite:

Too cute.

But it’s a little “dressy” and I’m not really ever dressy. I live in jeans and tee-shirts. Would the above bag be too girly for me?

This one is pretty too:

And then there is a more neutral color:

What do you guys think? Which one should I promise to love and adore until it wears out?

I NEED your input. Please help!



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6 responses to “Because I can’t make decisions on my own.

  1. I like the bronze colored bag myself… But these are very cute! The blue is also really cheerful and adorable too though!

  2. That’s a tough decision!!
    The first is REALLY cute, but if you feel it would be too dressy, I would probably go with the second. Nice and summery! (Plus it would be nice to have a burst of color in the non-summer days!)

  3. I’m voting for #3 because it goes with everything.

  4. I like the second one because (a) that is one FABULOUS colour and (b) those side pockets would be awfully handy for both camera lenses and lipstick!

  5. I would go with #2. In the past I would have said #3 because it’s darker and I love dark colors, but you know, it’s summer now, and #2 is bright and beautiful and cheery and happy. And the side pockets look so handy. Like WarsawMommy said, lipstick can go in there, or a phone, or lenses, or mints, or whatever. I think #1 is too dressy if you’re a jeans kind of gal (like me). Let us know which you chose!!!!!

  6. I like #3! Goes with everything 😉

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