I just discovered the most amazing thing in the world.

Well, not the most amazing. I mean, I didn’t win the lottery or find a cure for cancer. That would be the most amazing thing.

But I did find my missing underwear. Remember, when I thought I left my undergarments in my apartment during my move?

Well, I didn’t. I apparently packed them up into a small duffle bag. I then placed the bag into my closet, stacking several larger bags on top on it. Apparently I didn’t searchΒ everywhere.


And that makes me feel like a man. Do the men in your life have problems finding stuff? I mean, Colby sometimes has to ask where his shoes are. And they are right there in the closet… where they belong.

I didn’t mean to turn this into a man-bashing post. Really. I’m just so excited about finding my missing panties. It’s like the planets have aligned. Everything is right in the world again. I will no longer have nightmares of my undergarments being sold on Ebay. (By the way, thanks for that Steve.)

I’m off to bed. Tomorrow, I vow to completely reorganize my closet. I mean, one really should be able to loose a complete set of underwear for an entire month. That’s ridiculous.




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10 responses to “Whew.

  1. Woohoo! What a relief! No creepy apartment maintenance dude pawing through your unmentionables… I would definitely be sleeping better knowing they were safe and sound hahaha.

  2. thelumberjackswife

    ha! sold on ebay! ha! πŸ™‚

  3. DANG! I spent $14.57 to win the bidding all for nothing! πŸ™‚

  4. A typical day in the Wild home…..

    Drew: Dardykins, have you seen my hat?
    Darcy: I put it on the coat tree.
    Drew: How am I supposed to find it there?
    Darcy: *facepalm*


    Drew: [furiously digging through drawer] Darce, where did my swim trunks go?
    Darcy: I laid them out for you.
    Drew: [sees aforementioned trunks laying in plain view mere inches away] So that’s where you hid them!
    Darcy: *sigh* [mumbling] I can’t bloody win…

    I feel your pain, sister……

  5. Well . . . a man would definitely be excited to find a bag of panties – so yes, I can see where you felt male. πŸ™‚

  6. Great post πŸ™‚

    Hope you are having a lovely week.

    K xx

  7. Thanks for stopping by today. I’m happy you found your knickers. I just found my ipod which disappeared in our move last summer…not quite the same as undies but still made me so happy when it turned up in the back of our old income tax file.

  8. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HA! : )
    Love this post so much.

  9. I really laughed at this because I so remember the missing undies post. Too funny!

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