I have the hardest job…

Dear Blog Buddies,

I have a huge confession. I have the hardest job out of the entire harvest crew. Honestly, I’m not even sure how I pull it off day after day.

See- my job is also the most important one. Sure, Colby and Travis are the one’s actually cutting the wheat. And their mom, Pam, is in charge of the grain cart and transfers the wheat into the big truck, where their father, Terry, takes it all to the bins where it is sold. But I have the most important job.


I’m in charge of food. And it is no small job. Seriously, have you ever hosted two picnics a day for six people? It takes a lot of work.

(No, I do not do breakfast… I can’t exactly function before nine a.m. It’s just not possible.)

First, I get the supplies for enough food for an army. Remember, I live far far far from civilization. I’ve been two Sam’s twice (2 hours- one way), Walmart (1 hour- one way), and a smaller grocery store (45 mins- one way). Yes, I know, I could have planned a little better, but my pick up was full every single time. I currently have more groceries in my house then I ever have before. It’s amazing.


Twice a day, I’ve assemble a complete meal and take it out to the field. For lunch, I’ve been making sandwiches, but with fresh deli bread and meat. Served with fresh fruit and a tiny bag of chips, they are absolutely delish. For supper, I make a complete hot meal. It usually takes me about an hour and a half to make. So far, I’ve made enchiladas, lasagna, and BBQ sandwiches. Dinner is always served in carry-out boxes, because they are so much easier to eat out of.


I then load up the carry-out boxes, along with any sauces and drinks that are required. I sore plastic forks, napkins, and cups in my pick-up in a handy storage container. I then carefully travel about twenty miles to the field. For some reason, our roads are always bumpy and I have to try my hardest not to dump a completely meal on my leather seats.

We eat on the tail-gate of the pick-up. Lately, it’s been 100 degrees by noon and super windy at night, but it works. Everyone is full and happy. We laugh and talk for about fifteen minutes. Then, everyone else jumps back into their job while I go back to mine. I loud all my stuff up, drive back home, and get ready for the next meal.


Of course, I also have to take pictures. That part is probably the hardest thing that happens all day. It’s just no fun at all. šŸ™‚

4/365 God's artwork

Please, leave me with some recipes and dinner ideas. I’m running out guys.

And remember, I have the hardest job.



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9 responses to “I have the hardest job…

  1. That’s the job I would want!
    -Pulled pork (There’s a recipe for Kahlua Pork on my site that goes in the crock pot)
    -Pizza Wheels (Also on my site)
    -Cookies are portable and delicious

  2. Hm…try some pork machaca (which is a fancy new name I learned recently! ;).

    1 pork roast
    1 jar salsa verde
    1 package corn tortillas
    taco fixin’s

    Place roast in crock pot and cover with salsa. Cook on high for 8 hours. Shred with forks, serve with tortillas. Done! It’s sooo delicious!

  3. Oh my gosh, those pictures are gorgeous!

    You should know by now that I’m not the cook, but have you tried PW’s Tasty Kitchen website? You probably have. Sorry I can’t help.

    And yes, that really is a hard job.

  4. Beautiful pics!! Sorry, my husband’s the cook in our family as all I can make is ramen & popcorn… but major props to you!! That is the hardest job!

  5. Try oven-fried chicken. Toss chicken pieces in flour and spices of your choice I use Tony Chachere’s Creole for a little kick, but you can use ground Rosemary, salt, pepper, or anything else you put on chicken). Bake, skin side down, in a 9×13 pan (spray with Pam) @ 350 for 45 minutes. Remove chicken pieces and discard grease from pan. Place chicken in back in pan, skin side up, and bake another 20-30 minutes. Of course the wings and legs will cook faster, so you can remove them when they are done and give the bigger pieces a little longer.


  7. You have the BEST job!! lol

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