I think it hit 103 degrees here yesterday. Yikes.

Remember, I don’t live in Central Oklahoma. I’m closer to Denver then Oklahoma City. We are just not used to weather that hot in June. Instead, we usually soak up nice, eighty degree days for awhile before the heat of July and August hits.

This year the weather is being weird and much too hot. I’m trying to make the best of it, thinking about the heat and all the things that could make it better.

Memorial Day Weekend

Of course, some time on the lake would make this heat perfection. That’s why we are heading out one more time before wheat harvest gets here.

I've come a long way.

Hot weather means that playing in the sprinkler is so much more comfortable. Cold water feels so nice on one’s hot skin when the temperatures hit 100 degrees.


For me, warm days mean grilling out. Why heat up the oven when you can throw something yummy on the grill?

I’m suddenly craving poppers at ten o’clock in the morning.


When the weather gets hot, I jump in the pick-up and ride around the farm with Colby. I’m not tough enough to help him fix irrigation motors, but I will watch from the comfort of the front seat.

And this dude- well, he’s the hottest guy I know.

My Boys

I hope my darling blog readers are all keeping cool.



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2 responses to “Hot

  1. It’s unseasonably hot down here, too!! Ugh. If June (the BEGINNING of June) is this bad, I’m scared to see what late July and August are going to be like. 😦

    Stay cool! And make me some poppers. STAT!

  2. It’s not too terribly hot here but the HUMIDITY is off the charts. It feels like you need a snorkel to breathe! those poppers look delicious btw.

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