This week’s challenge them at i heart faces is “Play.” Honestly, I think this theme is very subjective and open to interpretation. I finally decided to post a picture from a recent Senior session.


Lacey may think that she’s too old for child’s play, but one is never too old to have fun… especially when that fun involves a swing!

Here’s how you know when you’re getting old:

– When your friends compliment you on your new alligator shoes and you’re barefoot.

– It takes two tries to get up from the couch.

– Your idea of a night out is sitting on the patio.

– Happy hour is a nap.

– Your secrets are safe with your friends because they can’t remember them either.

Head on over to i heart faces for my photography fun!

Now tell me, do you guys still like to swing? Because I know I do!



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4 responses to “Play

  1. CJ

    Love your picture – swings gotta love them 🙂

  2. gail

    lol I guess Im old now! But never too old to play on swing, which is why I love this capture so much… a perfectly playful shot and a perfectly playful reminder to us all!

  3. beautiful shot. I think I may be getting old I’m showing a few of those signs lol

  4. thelumberjackswife

    Beautiful picture! Come take my family pics! 🙂

    I love naps. Delightful.

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